Tuesday, March 13, 2012

pin-it back hair

one of my favorite bloggers (that haven't personally met) is chelsea over at thepapermama.com and one of the reason's i love her blog is she posts these really cute ideas such as the one she posted yesterday.  it was a hairstyle called the pin-it back hair, and she posted a tutorial.  she posts hair tutorials all the time.  i never try them.  no, sometimes i do, but i consider myself a hair idiot because i neither know how to tease nor to insert bobby pins - nor really how to pick and choose or apply hair products.  i'm a wash and go kind of girl.

anyway, this one looked easy enough except it did use bobby pins.  and referred to the "bump" in the back of the hair, but i figured i could work around it.  and i DID!

let me first tell you my normal morning, which includes a husband (who does most of the getting everyone ready), and 2 kids (3 and 4), one of which often gets up and takes a shower with mommy because she thinks she's fancy like that. and we have an hour commute to work and we all commute together and we have to be at work at the crack of dawn (yes, poor kids! but they are fortunately used to it).  so, time is not something i have a lot of to spend fixing my hair! and i don't wear makeup or fancy clothes for the same reason.   most mornings i let it dry in the car and if it dries too frizzy or too straight in one place and too wavy in another, then i put it in a ponytail or a messy bun.  fancy that, eh?  i'm very casual (a geologist) so it is is just fine at my job.

ANYWAY, this pin-it back hair just brought my summer work wardrobe to a new level.  gosh, this was easy.  i dried it out straight and used about 10 pins (i didn't count) and did it just like chelsea said (minus the bump).  SO easy.

here is chelsea's tutorial:

here are my results:

closer (such horrible lighting in my office!)

 better lighting outside! (you can tell my bangs aren't very high...)
thanks nathaniel for taking my picture!  
and for telling me when you were going to take it so i coudl smile... hahahaha!
 outside light shows the bottom bun a bit better.  
my hair is about the length about halfway between my neck and where the photo is cropped. my  hair is medium thick and fine feeling (silky), but wavy so it holds fairly well.
i just unpinned it and it was all straight. 


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  2. Hmmm....wonder if I can do that? I've found for me what works really well is twisting it up into a sloppy bun at the nap of my neck just using an elastic when it is wet. The next day, it's nice and wavy, then, if I want to style it, I use the curling iron a bit and it turns out pretty well. Of course, it's usually back up in a ponytail after about an hour of being down (as you probably noticed from my recent Blog pictures!) I love having long hair but I hate it hanging in my face.

  3. It looks wonderful! I'm so happy it worked so well for you!



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