Saturday, January 22, 2011

paper mama challenge: friends

well, i told myself i was gonna stop using old pictures and start taking new ones (hence the point of a "challenge") but when i saw the topic of "friends" at papermama, i knew this one was perfect to submit. heck, i look at this picture all the time as it is printed and hangs right over our mantle!

this isn't the best picture in the world and it sure won't win any awards, but i love the way they look in it.  kendal and holly act like this all the time, smooching and hugging all over each other... ever since she was born, he's loved her more than anything in this world.

so, anyway, to me this was the best picture for the topic of "friends" because my children are best friends.  i hope they are best friends - forever.  (a mom can dream, right?)

The Paper Mama


  1. Awww... that was so sweet. Such a wonderful moment to capture but I must warn you it is all downhill from there. LOL... The fighting starts around five and six.

  2. This is SO SO sweet! Great entry :]

  3. Awh! This almost brought a tear to my eye! That is the SWEETEST thing EVER!



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