Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fatty fatty 4x4

somewhere some time ago i read that a BMI, for women, from 22 to 25 was healthy, from 25 to 30 was overweight, and over 30 was obese.  not sure if that is right but that is what i'm stickin' to...

not to divulge all my personal issues (though i'm about to) but, well, our scale not only gives you your weight but it also gives you your BMI (we preset our age and height). 

and for the past 3 years (since kendal), my BMI has been over 30.  i don't feel obese but, whatever. 
so i've lost a bunch of weight and it is still slowly coming off.  (just for the record, the scale doesn't say "obese" it says overweight.)

TODAY i've finally gotten to 29.9 BMI.  FINALLY.  i'm no longer "obese".  just overweight.  my goal is for that dang overweight word to get off the scale.  really.  that is how much weight i want to loose ultimately.  i don't even know how much that is, but one day i'll get there.  slowly, but surely. 

i guess now i'm loosing fat i've had on my body for YEARS (not just baby fat).  the other good thing though is that i'm finally at a weight in which i can run again.  not looking forward to the hills here but i will do it, eventually.  i'll have to start with that couch to 5k thing again.  done it once, can do it again.  boy do i miss washington sometimes...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

fiesta part 2

we're enjoying the fiestaware.

we now have 7 place settings - 6 were 5pc and 1 was a 4 pc, also 2 single serve casseroles, 4 gusto bowls, 2 1qt serving bowls, salt and pepper shakers, and and maybe that is it.  we have something in all of the bright colors - no paprika or cinnamon or brown/black/white/ivory yet. i like those colors but they aren't my favorite. the brights are where its at!!! (behind the preposition)

i REALLY want the tea pot and the sugar/creamer.  and, the 2-qt serving bowls.  and, the mixing bowls and large oval platter and butter dish and all the colors in the lunch plate and all the little fruit cups and dip bowls and the java cups too.  oh, and the pitcher!

we've been trying to stop using plastic in our house thus the kids have been eating off of the fiesta also.  and, the small plates are too small and the dinner plates are too big.  i think the lunch plates would be just the right size for them (and me).  thus, i think i want to get all of those too.

oh yea, the addiction is in full force.  i'm already counting my pennies until my next purchase.  which will probably be two lunch plates. guess me working at the mall will help - macy's is the only place i can find all the non-standard stuff!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

organic soapbox and dye free m&ms

if you needed a kick-in-the-ass for getting on the organic bandwagon, well here are a few articles that you need to read.




just sayin'.  i absolutely can-not buy foods that aren't organic anymore.  that isn't to say that i can't eat them (like when we aren't at home), but i can't buy them.  at home, we are 100% organic.  that is one-hundred percent.  from our juice to our sugar to our noodles to cookies and fruit and condiments and everything in between.  cheese too.  butter, milk, eggs... you name it.  wonder how we afford it?  we don't buy meat AND we eat less.  what did that do for us?  we lost weight (we needed to).  also eating unprocessed foods is more satisfying thus you don't have constant cravings.  it is like an all natural low-carb (rather, low glycemic) diet.  we eat little bread and little raw sugar.  we drink water rather than soda or tea or anything else.  even our kids ask for water (i swear i have the only kids in the world that ask for water). we eat lots of fruits and veggies.  (technically nuts and beans are veggies.) so anyway, we do all this on the same budget as before.  well, maybe less than before.  so, it can be done.  the conversion is hard because you have to go through that same detox like when you switch to a "low carb" diet - you have to "get off" the refined sugars and chemicals that you are probably eating now.  you WILL go through withdrawals!!! 

incidentally, i shopped at an earthfare this past weekend in briar creek and they are like a food lion of whole foods (more affordable than gourmet).  great store.  they even had a non-food dye laden version of m&ms in the bulk bin (and in bags, but i got the bulk - cheaper) called sunspire sundrops.  SWEET!  and at $9.59 a pound, we'll only be eating 5 at a time!  :)  portion control right there!!!  (so you know how many that is, a little less than a pound fills a 1/2 pint glass jar.) holly loves m&ms.  these actually taste better than m&ms.  try some if you see some!  (or order some online!)  i've never seen these at whole foods.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

little miss priss

this morning she wanted every corkscrew bow and band and clip in her hair.  then when she looked in the mirror she discovered her bellybutton was showing.  (afterall she was sporting grace's old NCSU cheerleader uniform.) the bellybutton had to get covered.  she tried for 5 minutes to  cover it, only to stand hunched and look at me with all those bands and bows and clips in her hair. 

she looked like the statue of liberty with a stomach cramp.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never jam today.

made some HOT pepper jelly/jam this week.  hot because this has 2 habaneros in it (and about 20 jalapenos).  i seeded the habaneros but all the jalapeno seeds went in the blender.  it is spicy hot but not too hot.  it is perfect for cream cheese and crackers.  this batch also set up like it was supposed to.

special thanks to nathaniel who hit all the mexican tiendas in search of habaneros y jalapenos rojo. 

and, i did adjust the pictures to "brighten and saturate" the color of the jam. but, only because i couldn't get the light just right.  the 1st picture where i'm holding it up to the light is pretty much spot on for what it looks like.  it is a bright orange-red and looks like fire.  beautiful color.  incidentally, making jam always reminds me of this part of one of my favorite movies (thus the origin of this blog's title).  i can't believe they had the whole scene on youtube.:

Friday, August 20, 2010

our own little fiesta

this morning i got up bright and early and headed to replacements.  in my car was 2 sets of dishes and 1 set of flatware, all from previous marriages (one mine, one his).  we both love those dishes but there is no need to hang on to 2 sets.  so we are both giving them up and replacing them with a new. 

we also decided that besides that we DO like the way our respective china looks (in appearance), the only sentimental value that they hold to us is that our mothers both gave us each our first place setting.  so, i called my mom AND his mom and respectfully requested that (though i wasn't begging for gifts) they please give us something fiesta so that we can have that same sentiment with this set.  i hope that they give us a piece and not a place setting.  that way i can remember exactly which one they give us.  maybe his mom will pass on one of her old pieces.  that will be even more special. 

which brings me to another point.  now i'm "the club" - nathaniel's mom and sister both have fiesta, something i've admired since i visited their respective houses for the first time.  i still admire them (even as recent as last weekend when we visited amy's house for dinner).  so, i'm so excited that now i can share in that kitchen accessory.  fiesta is as much an accessory as is functional.  it is just gosh darn beautiful.

i had such a hard time picking out what to buy for my first few sets.  i started with four 5 piece place settings and three gusto bowls (only three because they were out of one of the colors - which i will buy when i find it).  i do intend on buying one more 5-pc and a gusto in an additional color but i waited today because i was at kohls and they were issuing kohls cash and since i earned $30, then i will buy those when those kohl's cash is redeemable.

so, the colors i bought today were scarlet, lemongrass, peacock, and tangerine.  what i will buy in 2 weeks is cobalt.  i still have money left from my "dish sale" and so i will be purchasing some serving pieces from another store as soon as i can find a coupon.  i'm all about using some coupons, why pay sticker when you can save 20%???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

addicted to actions

i've been sort of bored with photoshop elements (7) lately and i've been really wanting to upgrade to CS5.  the price tag is sorta stopping that (since it costs about $700) but i got an email from adobe yesterday saying how they are offering a special for elements users to upgrade for only $299.  that is an awesome bargain.  you can't even get the student edition for that price.

in the mean time, as in the past week, i've been discovering some things about elements that i didn't know i could do (and you can easily do with programs like CS5 and lightroom).  they are called actions.  basically pre-programmed effects that you can use as to speed up repetitive effects, like color balancing, lightening, burnt edges/vignette, b&w, etc.  photoshop elements is not an action based program so you can't exactly purchase pre-programmed actions for it like you can CS5 - BUT, some people have created some action-type things for it and even offer it for free or purchase on the internet (such as pioneer woman actions and mcp actions).

anyway, i downloaded the ones from pioneer woman yesterday and i've had the most fun playing with them.  there are mostly things that i did already but now it is easier since i just have to select one button and let the program do the work (rather than tinkering with all the balances like i was doing before...). NICE!!!

just a few examples.  the first picture is the "original" only had the autocorrect done.

the rest of holly's pictures are a cropped version of the original, and then had one or more actions applied.

i hesitate to even add this one on here because my eyes look crazy.  it is REALLY hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror... with a camera in low light with a wide aperture (shallow depth of field to compensate for the low light).  the camera wanted to focus on everything but me.  but, i'm putting it on here just for the example.

so i flipped it so it was back to looking right (and you can now read the nikon on my strap, no more mirror image) and then i did the actions.  my eyes still look freaky but i had to look at the camera and then look at the lens when i took the picture.  anyway, i don't always look all wide-eyed.  :)  i thought looked pretty cool, considering...

i'm going to try another self portrait one day soon.  like, when it cools off i'll take a mirror outside and try one.  just too dang hot outside to do anything outdoors.

Monday, August 16, 2010


after looking at my shutterfly entry over and over (daily), i've come to the conclusion that i definitely would retitle and describe it if i had the chance.  of coarse, when i submitted it, i did so quickly and without really thinking about "what if i make it all the way and everyone will see my title and description."  after reading some of the other titles and descriptions, i wonder if other folks would do the same (edit).

anyway, i don't know what i WOULD title it but know "fun with sparklers" definitely would be out.  naming a picture shouldn't be like naming a kid but i'm wondering, what would you name it?  remember, the contest title is "summer freedom" so i think "summer of love" definitely wouldn't fit well in that contest group name.  (i've learned a lot by entering in the other contests and seeing who wins that they seem to name and compose things for the audience.  and though this was not composed for any sort of audience besides myself and the 2 people in it, the title should be given for the audience in this case!)

so, help!  just in case i ever get to rename it.  or, enter it into another contest or something.  :)

(also keep in mind that the actual entry was cropped and not all uneven like the original picture above!)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chernobyl Documentary by Paul Fusco

I watched every second, looked at every picture, and clicked on every link he offered.  Breathing taking in more than one way.

"I'm afraid to stay on this land.  They gave me a dosimeter, but what am I supposed to do with it?  I do my laundry, it's nice and white, but the dosimeter goes off.  I make food, bake a pie - it goes off.  I make the bed - it goes off.  What do I need it for? 
I feed my kids and cry.  'Why are you crying, Mom?' "

h&k's christmas list

this is a list for me!


two more of these http://www.amazon.com/Xpress-Trainer-One-Real-Training-Elongated/dp/B0012ADSN8

http://www.target.com/s?keywords=dragon+tales&searchNodeID=1038576|1287991011&ref=sr_bx_1_1&x=0&y=0 (dragon tales DVD)

http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2535225 (barney DVD)
http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=fisher+price+oreo&_sacat=0&_odkw=fisher+price+oreo+match&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313 (fisher price cookies)

http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4179818 match it foods
http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4179825 match it animals
http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4179829 match it first words
http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4179836 match it all about me

http://www.learningexpresstoys.com/index.php/shop-by-age/toys-for-ages-3-4/pizza-party.html pizza party


melissa and doug chef outfit 
melissa and doug doctor outfit
http://www.learningexpresstoys.com/index.php/little-doctor-kit.html iplay doctor kit
sandbox with a lid
two make a plate kits! http://www.learningexpresstoys.com/index.php/shop-by-age/toys-for-ages-3-4/make-a-plate-kit.html

Friday, August 13, 2010

Check out this entry I found on Shutterfly Summer Freedom Contest.

Check out this entry I found on Shutterfly Summer Freedom Contest. i can't believe i made it to the second round! thanks to everyone who voted for me the first time! you know it was over 15,000 entries and now there are 24 finalists? please take the time to vote for me once more. and, comment on the shutterfly site too. the more comments i have, the higher-up it will post on the main page. (well, if you sort by comments anyway.) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! i am just totally in shock right now! so excited! even if i don't win, this is prize enough!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

green M&Ms

jacqueline and sophie gave kendal and holly m&ms in their party gift a couple of weekends ago.  kendal and holly haven't really had m&ms before (since they have food dyes in them) but we opened them in the car (at the request of holly, who loves chocolate). 

anyway, kendal won't eat them.  he just flat out won't eat candy.  no kind at all.  well, i guess last halloween he did taste reeses peanut butter cups but we don't eat much peanut based things (or candy) now.  anyway, i bought a pack of m&ms at target the other day so i could bring my $49.28 total over $50 so i could get a $5 gift certificate (and then use it immediately on my next purchase of diapers).  i opened it after lunch today and got out maybe 15 m&ms and split them up between the 3 of us.  kendal got 2 green ones and several other colors.  green is his favorite color, by the way.  he gave holly and me the other colors and kept the green ones for himself, though he never ate them.  i got him to put them in his shirt pocket for "safe keeping" (i.e., so holly wouldn't get them).

i put holly's in her dress pocket and she thought that was the finest thing.  she keeps looking in there to see if more have appeared.

and, FYI, at nap time, he still hadn't eaten them so i took them out and ate them myself (holly was already zonked out).  he will NOT eat candy.  he's the weirdest kid.  i mean, really, what kid doesn't like candy?

Friday, August 6, 2010

more texurizing

i just can't stop.  this is too much fun. i am supposed to be taking a nap but instead i'm sitting here at the computer making pictures. i may take these over to wolf camera this afternoon and print them to see how they look on paper. these are still pictures some of the few i got yesterday during tripp's visit. 

i am IN LOVE with the texture action in elements.  OH. MY. GOD.  credit to mcpactions for the free download and instructions how to do it. 

that texture was from http://www.flickr.com/photos/chromaticaberrations/2275555272/  (if you wonder why i keep telling you where i get them, they are free to use but you have to give the original creator credit for them.  and, since i didn't create it and uploaded it from flickr, i'm giving the original artist credit!!!  so, you can go to their respective photostreams and see what other textures they offer - just know that they are free to use so long as you give them credit!  how nice is that!)

texture:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/beapierce/2176612084/

and, so ok, i didn't do anything to this picture but it is too funny not to share.  they were looking all over the place when we were trying to get their picture together. finally (i was sitting on the floor below them so i wouldn't get the toys on the floor in the background) i said "tripp, kendal, look right here, look inside of here and see if you can a light!"  so, this is when they were looking for the light! 

kendal was still looking...

the texture of tripp

we had a play date yesterday and, as always, i forget that i have a camera unless someone is asking me to take pictures...

eventually samantha got out her camera which reminded me that i had one too, so i took about 12 pictures of tripp and kendal and holly (none of tripp's sister) and in the end, there were 2 that were really good.  what was tough was a pink wall for a background (close to flesh tone) and a lot of toys and a small space that was not well lit with 3 kids that never stop moving.  it is hard to get clear, steady shots in that type of environment.

anyway, here is one that i already touched up AND converted to black and white and then textured.  in the first picture, i was going for the "what a picture of his great grandfather would look like" save the modern blue polo, and in the second, i was trying to reduce the strength of the blue, yet i can't eliminate the fact it is a polo, and in the last i was really trying to give it that total antique feel.  how do you think it turned out?

the last picture is using a free texture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/beapierce/2176612084/

rising sun

i finally made our other club card.  here is the card i was casing (another card designed by michelle zindorf):
but the problem i had was that some of the colors had retired AND that awesome naked tree isn't a current stamp either.  so, i had to change it.

this was what i ended up with:

i'm not totally happy with it but i'm not horrified with it either.  i have to always remember that it is a HANDMADE card.  and, it really is a teaching tool (for my club) not a show-stopper.  so, eh. it is what it is.

i'm gonna try again with different colors and see what i come up with.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

favorite song

kendal and holly have a favorite song, and that song is "muffin man".  i was lucky enough to catch kendal singing it tonight while he was playing with his trains.


incidentally, i asked nathaniel the other day "in your mind, what does the muffin man look like?"  he said the pillsbury dough man.  in my head he looks like a gingerbread man for some reason.  what does the muffin man look like to you?  (without overthinking it to be a muffin with arms... really, from your childhood, what did you picture the muffin man looking like?)

new addition: textures

before and after

(free background texture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/beapierce/1187747289/)

 another before and after
(this texture was free from http://www.flickr.com/photos/brenda-starr/4577538798/)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Four Hour Nap Land

...sung to the tune of gilligan's island

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a endless nap
That started from about 1pm
Upstairs in our house.

The red-head didn't want to sleep,
And neither did his sis. 

But our busy week has escalated into
A four hour nap, a four hour nap.

The sound machines were all turned on,
The fans were blowing too,
If not for the blankets and teddy bears
The kids would never stop, the kids would never stop.

Kendal held his blankets and Holly built a nest
With Snazzy cat,

And her paci too,
The Baby Doll, 
and Monk Monk
The Panda and Tiger,
Here on four hour nap land!

what goes in my tummy ...part 3

so this is long overdue but i've finally come to a point where this peeve of mine is possibly going to become a problem.

here is what gets on my nerves.  people who have dietary restrictions, in particular when they are self imposed - like being a vegetarian - who advertise or talk about it endlessly. 

recently, we went to eat at my sister-in-law's house and she disclosed the menu for the night (incidentally, i LOVE IT when people disclose the menu).  she had planned a meat portion of the meal at which point i said "don't count me in for that" so that was an easy way to let her know i wasn't eating meat (remind her really since she already knew it) without the whole speach of "i don't eat meat so...".  plus, i was taking a dish so i could take a protein for myself and to share - a lentil salad.

this past weekend we went to a birthday party and, again, the hostess (another sister in law) disclosed the menu.  i took PB&J for the kids and myself.  turns out i stopped thoroughly reading the menu at "hotdogs and hamburgers" and decided to prepare lunch for kendal and myself... but they had the most wonderful bean salad AND pasta salad (but kendal wouldn't eat any of it except for chips and the PB sandwich).  kendal is a picky one - that one is not self imposed, he was born with that problem i fully believe (since he wouldn't nurse).  holly ate lots of the pasta and beans just like me!

so, coming up this weekend, we are eating with other family members and there was nothing mentioned of a menu (which is fine, i never really plan that kind of thing until the day before).  i am not sure if they know that i stopped eating meat.  i ABSOLUTELY HATE saying "i don't eat meat" or anything like that.  plus, when i asked if i could bring something, they said no (which i expected since this is nathaniel's parents and they never want us to bring anything except food for kendal).

i feel like i dragging my fingernails down a board.  you know, doing the thing i hate:  saying "i don't eat meat."  i hate for someone to accommodate me.  my mom finally stopped doing it and i just pick the meat out of her dishes.  (BTW, i insisted that she stop accommodating me!)

so, anyway, this blog is just me heming and hawing about not wanting to advertise that i'm no-meat now-a-days.  i hate it SO much when people do it, i can't stand the fact that i just may have to.  EEEK. 

i suppose i could just take a PB sandwich.  or, just eat the dang meat and let that be that.  it won't kill me every once in a while.  and it isn't like i'm "doing it" (the diet) because of the "poor animals" - i'm doing it for all the health benefits! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

brown the green revolution

don't know why i spend my time reading about why i should eat local and organic foods.  i already eat them and i'm not going to stop.  i guess i want to convince everyone else about why this should be such an important part of EVERYone's life!

here is an interesting article about how india's agriculture was "americanized" back in the 60s (i.e. the green revolution) and they started using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and growing high-yield grains which i'm sure are now all genetically modified.  needless to say, now they need more fertilizer, the pesticides don't work, and they wells are 20 times deeper than they were.

i saw another blogpost (i wish i still had that one open, i have the quote in my cut and paste but the post is closed...) that had this quote:  "While chemical agriculture produced significant yield improvements over a period of years, the party has not lasted.  Increasing off-farm inputs has increased farmer debt loads, increased pest resistance to pesticides, and increased farmers’ dependence on volatile world commodity markets for hydrocarbons and ag products, while reducing soil fertility and water tables, and driving farmers off the land.  Disturbingly, new evidence is also showing a correlation between chemical-ag and increased in cancer in rural areas. ..

we need to brown the green revolution and go back to fertilizing with manure and compost!  we save every compostable scrap of trash in our house and put it in piles in the woods.  it cuts down on what goes to the landfill and one day, it'll fertilize OUR garden.

i love eating food grown in NC and, if i can't buy it local, then buying it organic!  i can't imagine spending my money or eating or feeding to my children any products that could one day harm them.  this includes everything from $5 american cheese (horizon brand - so expensive but i just can't buy the other!) rather than the regular kraft brand to boxed organic mac and cheese - i even buy cheese that is from cows not treated with hormones.  everything in our house is "safe" as approved by the USDA anyway, or grown in NC (i.e. dad's house or from the farmer's market).

next month, there is a farm tour in central NC (chatham co, orange co, wake co, franklin co, etc.) and nathaniel and i are volunteering at the farm where we buy our eggs.  i can't wait.  i'll be posting more about that in the upcoming weeks.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

6-hydroxy-5-[(2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenesulfonic acid

anyone know what that is (without using google)?

it is interesting to me that the public outcry [in the form of comments] to news articles is "astonished"  with reports of "toxic chemical dispersants" that are/were put into the gulf (read about that in this article) when practically every american can find 6-hydroxy-5-[(2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenesulfonic acid,  which is a derivative of coal tar (Red #40), in many of their pantry and cold items.  i mean, have you checked your orange soda?  how about your M&Ms?  fruit roll ups?  fruit loops? fruity pebbles?  even your light'n'fit yogurt? delmonte fruit salad? kraft barbeque sauce?  catalina dressing? doritos? twinkies (yea, they aren't even red!)? nutrigrain bars?  jello mixes?  pretty much any RED medicine you have (nyquil, sudafed, etc.) and some non-red medicine that you'd never even know about (ALL dyed children's medicines - cherry, berry, grape!)?  colgate toothpaste? advil?  tylenol?  even common prescription meds!  amoxicillin, wellbutrin, zoloft... and multivitams like centrum and children's flinstone chewables! The list could go on and on...

if you go to europe, NOTHING has red 40 in it because it is illegal to use as a food additive there.

i think americans need to keep in perspective what "toxic" is!!!  the government seems to be pretty consistent with their definition of "toxic" since the dispersants were allowed to be used in the gulf AND artificial food dyes are allowed to be put into our foods!

i'm happy to say that we're 99% dye free in our house.  (i have to put that 1% in there for incidental medicines like tylenol and advil and the occasional antibiotic for the kids - they always seem to get the pink stuff which i hate giving them!)

want to read more about food additives?  this is a neat link.  i have it bookmarked and refer to it anytime i find something out of the ordinary.  we generally cook everything "fresh and clean" so additives are very low on my worry list!

fashion circa 1986

i've been shopping for new clothes and i've come back empty handed.  what is up with fashion these days?  i was quite dissappointed in the clothing styles i found in some of my old favorite stores.  like, for instance, the gap.

stirrup pants?  really?  i remember the year my sister was born, for my birthday (or christmas, that detail i cant' remember exactly) i got a sweatshirt with a cat on it and a pair of stirrup pants to match, and outfit i picked out from kmart (which kmart was not cool and at that point in my life i already didn't want anyone to know where my clothes came from!)  i remember we had a field trip to the zoo or to the museum of art or something and not being able to sit with the cool kids on the bus because of what i was (not) wearing (literally, one of the girls said "you can't sit with us because you don't have any stirrup pants" - what horrible things kids do!  really, can i homeschool my kids just to keep them safe from other-kid-torture?)  so, anyway, that is why i can still remember that!!!  so in the fall of 1986, stirrup pants were in full force for elementary school kids!  :)

so as i continued to shop yesterday (and a little bit today), i saw so many other horrible clothes.  i mean, they may be great if you are 5'1" and 90 pounds.  or, 5'10" and 99 pounds.  really, who are these clothes for?  not me.  (i realize the above shirt is on a plus size model, but the regular sized version wasn't at a good angle for you to see the weirdness.  this was the strangest shirt yesterday... though it was actually flattering because of the stripes and gathers, unlike the one pictured below:  speaking of, i actually saw some shoulder pad shirts yesterday too!)

there were tons of non-symmetrical shirts and horizontal stripes, lots of black and white and chain-metal pockets... and skinny jeans?  they are still around?  (they were just coming into fashion when i started having babies). come ON!  that has the most unflattering piece of fabric you (i) can put on your (my) body.  leggings look better than skinny jeans.  geez! 

so anyway, practically 2 days of shopping for nothing.  well, technically i did buy one thing:  a necklace.  but, that isn't what i went for so it doesn't really count. 

out of despiration, i even went to coldwater creek ($$$) today to see what they had new.  i found about 3 things i liked [on the rack, i didn't try on anything], which isn't really a lot.  of coarse, it'd cost a lot, but it isn't a wardrobe maker.  SO dissappointed.

(incidentally, the funniest thing i saw was the new fall JJill line.  their new collection is called "he said she said, his look your way" and it is basically men's clothes in women's sizes.  T-A-C-K-Y gross.  yuck.  i usually like their clothes because of the gentle feminine colors and fabrics.  but, i won't be going in there until that ugliness is out of there.  i bet their sales will be down this fall!)


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