Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what goes in my tummy ...part 3

so this is long overdue but i've finally come to a point where this peeve of mine is possibly going to become a problem.

here is what gets on my nerves.  people who have dietary restrictions, in particular when they are self imposed - like being a vegetarian - who advertise or talk about it endlessly. 

recently, we went to eat at my sister-in-law's house and she disclosed the menu for the night (incidentally, i LOVE IT when people disclose the menu).  she had planned a meat portion of the meal at which point i said "don't count me in for that" so that was an easy way to let her know i wasn't eating meat (remind her really since she already knew it) without the whole speach of "i don't eat meat so...".  plus, i was taking a dish so i could take a protein for myself and to share - a lentil salad.

this past weekend we went to a birthday party and, again, the hostess (another sister in law) disclosed the menu.  i took PB&J for the kids and myself.  turns out i stopped thoroughly reading the menu at "hotdogs and hamburgers" and decided to prepare lunch for kendal and myself... but they had the most wonderful bean salad AND pasta salad (but kendal wouldn't eat any of it except for chips and the PB sandwich).  kendal is a picky one - that one is not self imposed, he was born with that problem i fully believe (since he wouldn't nurse).  holly ate lots of the pasta and beans just like me!

so, coming up this weekend, we are eating with other family members and there was nothing mentioned of a menu (which is fine, i never really plan that kind of thing until the day before).  i am not sure if they know that i stopped eating meat.  i ABSOLUTELY HATE saying "i don't eat meat" or anything like that.  plus, when i asked if i could bring something, they said no (which i expected since this is nathaniel's parents and they never want us to bring anything except food for kendal).

i feel like i dragging my fingernails down a board.  you know, doing the thing i hate:  saying "i don't eat meat."  i hate for someone to accommodate me.  my mom finally stopped doing it and i just pick the meat out of her dishes.  (BTW, i insisted that she stop accommodating me!)

so, anyway, this blog is just me heming and hawing about not wanting to advertise that i'm no-meat now-a-days.  i hate it SO much when people do it, i can't stand the fact that i just may have to.  EEEK. 

i suppose i could just take a PB sandwich.  or, just eat the dang meat and let that be that.  it won't kill me every once in a while.  and it isn't like i'm "doing it" (the diet) because of the "poor animals" - i'm doing it for all the health benefits! 

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  1. Hello? You're going to my mom's. Believe me, even if there is meat served, they'll be PLENTY of other food available!!!!!

    However, I don't think you should feel badly about telling people you are no longer eating meat. They can either accommodate you (or not).




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