Thursday, August 26, 2010

fiesta part 2

we're enjoying the fiestaware.

we now have 7 place settings - 6 were 5pc and 1 was a 4 pc, also 2 single serve casseroles, 4 gusto bowls, 2 1qt serving bowls, salt and pepper shakers, and and maybe that is it.  we have something in all of the bright colors - no paprika or cinnamon or brown/black/white/ivory yet. i like those colors but they aren't my favorite. the brights are where its at!!! (behind the preposition)

i REALLY want the tea pot and the sugar/creamer.  and, the 2-qt serving bowls.  and, the mixing bowls and large oval platter and butter dish and all the colors in the lunch plate and all the little fruit cups and dip bowls and the java cups too.  oh, and the pitcher!

we've been trying to stop using plastic in our house thus the kids have been eating off of the fiesta also.  and, the small plates are too small and the dinner plates are too big.  i think the lunch plates would be just the right size for them (and me).  thus, i think i want to get all of those too.

oh yea, the addiction is in full force.  i'm already counting my pennies until my next purchase.  which will probably be two lunch plates. guess me working at the mall will help - macy's is the only place i can find all the non-standard stuff!

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  1. Hudson Belk's at Triangle Town Center had the 3 piece set of colbalt blue mixing bowls on big sale last week. They were still pricey (I wanted them SOOOO bad) so they might have some left. They were almost $200 to begin and then it was like 50% off and another 25% or something like that. Go check it out! I drool over Fiesta day...



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