Friday, October 30, 2009

Pack Leader

Pack Leader this is for you, nathaniel.

baby shower cards

had to make some cards tonight - baby shower (3 of them) at nathaniel's work tomorrow.  so, here is what i made:

all three couples are having girls.  one couple is having twin girls.  how awesome is that?  4 baby girls in one office setting over just a few months?  boy am i glad i don't drink that water!

which card is your favorite?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

my will is good

here is another song that has caught my ear lately...
 what do you think?  do you like it?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


give it a listen, tell me what you think.  people listening to xm seem to have mixed reviews.  i loved it the first time i heard it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cute H&K photos

random shots from today or this week... or sometime recent.  these are just cute and i wanted to share.  like that one (up top..) i caught kendal in the bathroom (again) unrolling the toilet paper.  what was worse is that he'd already done one roll, and he got another out of the cabinet and was starting to do that one!  he is worse than a cat!  i swear we use more toilet paper that is unrolled than is rolled.  (it wipes just the same!  haha!)

holly posing with her favorite breakfast food:  cheerios!

kendals new favorite pasttime is counting.
one, two, three, six, eight, nine, four, ten!

and last but not least, this is why we can't watch TV anymore.  holly doesn't understand what a "safe distance" is.  she likes to stand RIGHT AT the TV and watch it.  isn't she cute though?  she prefers standing to sitting these days.  however, she just doesn't remember how to sit after she stands.  so after an hour, she just starts to cry until i remind her how to sit.  :)  that's my girl!

sunday's big activity list

this past sunday, my dad left for ocracoke (even though it unfortunately has been raining and bad winds have led to high tides and bad fishing...).  mom and kate went to a bridal show (another one), and it was supposed to be 70 degrees.

we decided to head west to the NC Zoo.  though the sun never came out (and it never got over 55 degrees), we had a blast.  we visited north america first and kendal walked the entire time (no stroller for him), we had lunch in the back of the car (we all packed in there), and then we headed over to africa.  kendal still walked all except the big uphill part between the entrance and the monkeys/chimps/gorillas/whatever they are (kendal just calls them monk monks so that is what i call them).  after that, he walked.  (incidentally, the chimps(?) must be breeding because there was a lot of "swanky" activity going on.  i've never seen so many mothers covering the eyes of their 2 and 3 year olds.  like... does a two year old really understand what all that stuff means?  no.  the kids were just pointing and saying "look, theres the mama!"  of coarse all the teenagers were plastered to the plexiglass - and there was plenty to see!  male external genitalia for all to examine - including the female chimps - if you know what i mean!)

anyway, after the zoo we headed to the RDU airport (trying to waste time until mamaw and kate got home...) and then we went by the durant nature park to play on the "sliding boards" as my mom calls them.  kendal and holly rode in the swings (holly actually liked it, she's big enough to fill it up now) and then kendal LOVED the slides of coarse.  we had to carry him away kicking and screaming from the park.  but, mamaw was home and we were hungry (and cold).  after a day of 55 degree weather (when we dressed for 70 degree weather) makes you hungry!

so, here are some pictures from the zoo:

my morning secret

i LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear my kids masticate.
something about the way the food crunches in their teeth... or the way they breathe as they try and chew (holly)... i just love it.

i remember when kendal was born, the clicking sounds he made as an infant took some getting used to (for me).  typically i don't like mouth sounds.  but, i could tell by the time holly was born, i was quite used to it (remember the videos of her smacking her lips?) - now, when they eat breakfast, EVERYTHING IS SILENT so i can hear them chew.

kendal munching away on a banana and/or cheerios, and holly the same with cheerios.  i LOVE IT!

that is my secret.  it is my favorite way to start a day.  breakfast for the kids in silence. silence so i can hear them chew.

Monday, October 26, 2009

maggie update

to the one who wants to know, she's doing fine.  she lives with my sister. we see her often, like 2 to 3 times a week - its the best way for me to have a dog.  not in my house.  not peeing on my floor.  but, she still gets to share licks with nathaniel and the kids. 

(and don't worry, this "not peeing on my floor" thing wasn't impartial towards dogs, we haven't any cats in the house anymore either. seems that pregnancy hormones increased my normal cleanliness OCD thus took a toll on them ALL living inside this past spring.)

anyway, she's the only dog kendal isn't afraid of. he chases her around everywhere.  and holly always seems to poke her butthole.  (not sure why, but that is like a target point i guess.)  she is GREAT with the kids.  very tolerant.  and, so long as she doesn't roll around on dead bugs, she is even pleasant to be around (odor wise).  she still begs a log (but i suppose she is a dog?) but these days, she found the sweet spot (beneath the high-chairs).  thus, her diet is now enriched with chicken nuggets, peas, and bananas and/or oranges a few days a week!

at her new home, she is most intolerant of other dogs (i've always thought she has no idea she is canine), and she has several other human friends. like a 10-year old neighbor/girl that my sister often sees when she is walking her around the neighborhood.  she gets walked several times a day - long walks - so long that sometimes, i hear, she has to be carried UP the stairs when they are done! 

so, she lives a good life.  gets to ride in the car, gets walked, gets "treats" (under the high-chairs)... no worries!  she's still healthy and happy as can be!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

holly's new bloomers!

got the CUTEST bloomers in the mail today!  i ordered these off of etsy.  oh my.  every little girl needs her own pair (or three) of personalized bloomers!

and make sure to notice the cupcake ones with the "1" candle... in christmas colors!  how CUTE is that!?!?!?!
(these were ordered from ccbgknikolich in case you are interested in ordering some also!  it is a great deal! for example, at silly goose in WF - which don't get me wrong, i love that store - but, these bloomers are $8 each and it costs $8 to embroider... and there aren't many choices for fonts.  these were... $30 for 3 pairs including the embroidery and she has TONS of font choices!)

last year and this year

our last year's picture at the fair:

and this year's picture:

how cute!  

Friday, October 23, 2009

NC Fair Day 2009

yesterday, we took a trip to the fair.  
As usual, we had loads of fun.  Kate met us there and helped with the kids(i.e., kendal - who will one day be SO sad when he realizes he won't be able to marry her because she is related!  boy does he LOVE LOVE LOVE his aunt kate kate.)

first off to see:  the ark!

kate loves the "oreo" cows

 "hi cow"

kendal was quite interested in the goats,  guess it was because they typically moved around a lot.

i had to pick him up to see the big mule/draft horse.  that thing was BIG (tall)!

we were lucky enough to catch a sheep show where they judge them . kendal LOVED it.  we stood there for a while, then we sat down (right on the floor - yes, we cleaned our hands afterwards, but not our butts!)  he was really interested in that.  the sheep were beautiful, and the one i thought would win - won!

closer up to the sheep show.

when we first saw the piglets, they were feeding in a fury - squeeling and all.  kendal got really upset.  when we got back, they were rooting around in the dirt, much calmer.  he liked them then.

"thank you cows for all the yummy milk!"

at first he wasn't scared, then he was... with monk monk!

he was fascinated with cookie and elmo

proof holly WAS there...

kendal has a book read to him - he loved it.  he knew the book better than her - he'd tell her what was on the next page.  it was cute!  she was a sweet girl, she liked kendal!



aww, last year there was only 3 of us in this same picture!!!


nathaniel's favorite boom characters!

kate and kendal getting in on the fun too!  kendal was a few inches too short for any of the rides.  next year, we'll be able to ride things.

lunch time:  i ate a steak sandwich, nathaniel had a italian sausage (he broke from his normal turkey leg), kate had a hotdog, and then kate and i also got a corn, and nathaniel got ice cream.  YUM! (and, i got a maple cotton candy for the road.  literally, i ate it on the way home.)

this should be the official NC state fair picture - one with the barrel monster!  :)  we had a great time!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

holly the stacker

holly has learned how to stack.  and kendal loves to color - he is obsessed with his crayons!  here are some pictures...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a new venture...

everyone knows i like to craft.
and lately, i've been doing a lot of selling (tutus...) and card making (and selling stamping supplies).
people keep saying i need to have an etsy store.

i haven't thus far because i don't think my prices would be reasonable.  (i.e., folks have tutus on there for less than what i could sell mine for and make a decent profit.)  but, hum, maybe i should reconsider.  i have sold 3 this month. 

here are some neat etsy stores that i found.  look at them - look at others - what do you think, should i do it?

dress for sale by holycrapclothing

vinyl wall art for sale by weiweisbabies

bracelet for sale by cgwhitfield

not that i coudl sell any of those items, those are just all things i saw that i wanted!  the first seller (holycrapclothing) - well i've already bought 2 things from her.  everyone with a daughter should buy something from her.  she makes great clothes.

so anyway, input is welcome!  i was thinking of cards and tutus!  just not sure of pricing.  and just not sure if they would even sell!  :)


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