Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a new venture...

everyone knows i like to craft.
and lately, i've been doing a lot of selling (tutus...) and card making (and selling stamping supplies).
people keep saying i need to have an etsy store.

i haven't thus far because i don't think my prices would be reasonable.  (i.e., folks have tutus on there for less than what i could sell mine for and make a decent profit.)  but, hum, maybe i should reconsider.  i have sold 3 this month. 

here are some neat etsy stores that i found.  look at them - look at others - what do you think, should i do it?

dress for sale by holycrapclothing

vinyl wall art for sale by weiweisbabies

bracelet for sale by cgwhitfield

not that i coudl sell any of those items, those are just all things i saw that i wanted!  the first seller (holycrapclothing) - well i've already bought 2 things from her.  everyone with a daughter should buy something from her.  she makes great clothes.

so anyway, input is welcome!  i was thinking of cards and tutus!  just not sure of pricing.  and just not sure if they would even sell!  :)


  1. I wouldn't worry about your prices, I'd worry about how much time/maintenance/cost having the site would be to you...

  2. Sounds like an interesting concept. Too bad you can't sell food (as in my/Mr. B's cooking) or writing (something I've been thinking about).
    As an aside, the name of that one business/seller isn't overly appealing; I don't get it (holycrapclothing)?



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