Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what i want wednesday - for my back to stop hurting!

so weird that i found this picture, because it shows nearly exactly where i'm hurting.  it was on a website that was "is it your kidneys or your back" so i'm not sure if this picture indicates kidneys or back muscles.

but either way, where those black spots are is EXACTLY where i'm hurting.  especially the dorsal view.  sometimes the pain gets so intense that it hurts all the way down to my toes.  and up to my shoulder.  but, fortunately, most of the time it is gone.  today was much better.  yesterday was much worse.  that makes me think it is muscle.

but, it still hurts  and i the same spot.  it is throbbing right now.  makes me want to vomit it hurts so bad. (probably why i can't sleep.)

so today (since technically it is wednesday), i'd like my back to stop hurting.  its what i want.  i said yesterday if it didn't stop that i'd call the doctor for tomorrow.  maybe if it doesn't stop tomorrow i'll call the doctor for thursday.  but definitely before the weekend.  we can't afford ER fees!!!  (i don't know why i dread the doctor so much.)

incidentally, i haven't any fever, and i haven't any urges to pee more than usual.  everything i read said that kidney infections would also have fever and/or frequent urination (and/or the urge to do so).  it really reminds me of when i was pregnant and "gas" would get caught in my intestines... that causes some severe pain from time to time... but, i'm not pregnant!!!  and, i'm positive this isn't gas!


  1. It sounds a bit like what was wrong with Mark (which landed HIM in the ER because he didn't do anything about it until it was intolerable).

    I'm betting it's your back. You might need to see a chiropractor. That's what he's done and he feels a lot better. That, an he now does quite a lot of stretching exercises in the am and works with one of those big balance ball things.

    Don't put it off, though. Stuff like this rarely gets better on its own.

  2. "...AND he now does..."
    Geez, can't type worth squat today!



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