Thursday, September 10, 2009

31 years ago i was an only child

that's right!  melissa pointed it out to me this morning.  "31 years ago today you were an only child" was a text she sent me early this morning.  and she was right!  this picture was me when i was 2.  looks like kendal with long hair.
i can't say that i wish i was an only child.  i guess sometimes growing up it would have been nice to get all the new clothes rather than having to share that cost my my sister(S).  but, that really isn't a reason.  and, i suppose we both had our own room sometimes (we chose to bunk together sometimes... and kate and i always bunked togther).  so, if i was an only child i would have never had that option (to have a roommate). 
anyway, my point is that out of most all the folks i've ever known, my best friends have always been siblings (had siblings).  my best boyfriends always were siblings.  my worst ones were always only children.  as a matter of a fact, the ONLY person i can think of that is an only child that was ever REALLY REALLY nice (to the core) is rhonda.  maybe i'm overlooking someone.  but, in general, i'm glad - REALLY REALLY GLAD - i'm not an only child.  whew, i can't imagine what kind of monster that would have made me!  (i'm bossy enough as it is!)
only children are just typically too selfish.  let's just talk about jonathan for a minute.  most of you don't know who i'm talking about, but many of you do.  his world revolved around him - the rest of us just entered it for a moment, and only for his sake.   he will never have children, and if he does, i bet it'll only be one.  and that kid will be miserable just like him.
so anyway, i'm glad i have a sister (yes, katelyn, i said "a" because i just needed 1 to not be an only... of coarse, i'm glad you came along too...).  
really.  there is a reason i wanted to have 2 kids and have them close.  what if i had trouble getting pregnant?  what if we had to resort to "other options"!?!?!  i wanted to make sure there was time.  i did not want to have just one kid.

and another reason i'm glad i had HER as a sister - if she wasn't here and didn't have kids first, i may have never had any.  her kids made me want kids.  so maybe i should thank her and rob for that one!  :)


  1. The 2 year old you is just like Kendal...I hadn't seen it until that picture. He has the same expression that YOU did.
    The picture of you and Melissa on the fence reminds me a lot of Faith (melissa) and Grace (you).
    And by the way, you're welcome! I never wanted to have an only child. Siblings make you deal with a lot of things--sharing, and conflicts to name a few. Benefits? too many to list!

  2. PS Mike sure is young in the middle picture! Looks a lot like Blaine.

  3. dad does look a lot like blaine! but more importantly the picture with you dad and baby melissa, you look like kendal. More so than in the top picture!



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