Thursday, September 10, 2009

how long does it take to catch a cold?

i'm gonna guess about 3 days.

this morning after being well all summer (even miss holly hasn't been sick since may), kendal woke up with buggers!  guess the fall cold season is starting early in our house!  i'm sure holly will get it next since kendal kisses all over her and there is NO way to keep their spit separate!  :)  she's already sneezing.

good thing is that kendal goes to the dr next week for his 2 yr and holly the week after for her 9 month checkups, so if something lingers that long for either, they'll already be at the doctor for checkups!

katelyn just came over and i said "do they feel warm to you?" (because they both hate getting their temp taken, i just typically use my hand/cheek to tell if they have a fever...) and she said "they feel about the same, so if one is warm they are both warm."  so i broke out the ear therm. and holly DOES have a fever of 100 degrees - kendal was more or less on target (98.9) - and surprisingly neither minded getting it taken!  guess after months of no temp. taking, they were ok with it.  good news is my temp was a normal (for me) 97.4.  :)

and, on a separate note, i'm selling my old breast pump on ebay and it is up to $76!!! wow!  i never thought... so many times i've tried to GIVE IT away to new mothers and no one would take it!  i can't believe i'm actually gonna get some money for it!  i'm also selling some of my old ink pads, refills, and cardstock from the "in color" (melissa will know what i'm talking about) mainly because i just don't want to store it.  that is already up to $20.50!  that's unbelievable too.  this stuff is used, and the cardstock is only like 5 sheets here, 15 sheets there - not even whole sets!

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