Thursday, September 3, 2009

today's goal for holly: teach her to sit!

she wants to crawl so bad. and as soon as she gets up on all 4s, she spreads her legs and falls flat on her belly.

sometimes she'll play there for a while, but most of the time she just screams.  today she's screaming LOUD and fast.  (she really has a set of lungs on her.  she's way louder than kendal and that is saying a lot!)

so everytime she does it today, i'm not just picking her up and slinging her back on her butt, i'm making her back up onto her knees and then pushing back into a sit.  just like kendal's first physical therapist, lee anne (the most awesome PT ever) did for him.  i think the problem is that her pants are too slick.  carpet would help.  maybe when we move downstairs later she'll be able to do it on her own.  maybe maybe.

doubt it.  took weeks for kendal.  i'm probably wishing big for a one-day's result with holly.

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