Saturday, September 19, 2009

tonight is the big night!

i've been preparing for weeks.  it feels like months.
i've made cards,  remade cards, and then made more. 
i had to come up with cards i think people would like, cards that aren't too hard, cards that are simple but not too simple - and interesting enough to "catch" people like the first one i made back in march 2007.

i've cut paper, wrinkled and pressed paper, sponged paper, trashed paper, cut ribbon, sprayed paper, colored paper... ripped paper.  you name it.  i've done it. 

and i've ended up with two really cute cards.  one is insanely simple.  one is a little more involved.  both are easy as pie.

i can't wait to see folks scrambling through the catalog like i was the first time i stamped, the first time i went to a stampin' up! party.   i hope people ask me for advice because i didn't get practical stuff.  it worked, but it wasn't the best.  i learned quick.
i got better.
i'm still getting better.
the learning curve is a long slope and i'm still on it.

i love to stamp.
i love to make cards.
i love to make things other than cards.
and i ABSOLUTELY can't wait to share it with 11 other women. tonight.  on my birthday night.

if i could ever get to sleep!

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