Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alice and Frank are Bungee-jumping one day. Alice says to Frank, "You know, we could make a lot of money running our own bungee-jumping service in Mexico near one of the resorts."

Frank thinks this is a great idea. So they pool their money and buy everything they will need: a tower, an elastic cord, insurance, etc. They travel to Mexico and begin to set up on a city square. As they are constructing the tower, a crowd begins to assemble. Slowly, more and more people gather to watch them work. When they had finished, there was such a crowd they thought it would be a good idea to give a demonstration.

So, Alice jumps. She bounces at the end of the cord. But when she comes back up, Frank notices that she has a few cuts and scratches on her. Unfortunately, Frank isn't able to catch her and sh e falls again, bounces, and comes back up again. This time, she is bruised and bleeding. Again, Frank is unable to grab hold of her. Alice falls a third time and bounces back up. This time she comes back pretty messed up. She has a couple of broken bones and is almost unconscious. Luckily Frank is finally able to grab her and pull her back to the tower.

"What the hell happened?" he asked. "Was the cord too long?"

Barely able to speak, Alice gasps, "No the Bungee cord was fine...It was the crowd!... What the hell is a piñata??"

Friday, March 28, 2008

what jeff killed

i found this way cute website about what this cat named jeff that lives in california kills. maybe i should start one for willow. except we rarely see any remains.

where MEN go for a cut.

nathaniel is at the canes' game tonight and i'm at home watching it (while K sleeps). really, i was trying to get in some work because this weekend is turning out to be a busy one.

well while watching the game, i've noticed that every other commercial break is an advertisement for sportsclips, the place where MEN go for a cut. on the commercial, they show quite attractive young ladies clipping handsome men's hair. (and might i add that these men all have full heads of hair.) if the women really looked like that, i don't know why they need sports TVs on to entertain. it'd really be a 14 year old boy's dream haircut. ;)

well, i know for a fact that this is not the typical stylists' appearance nor is it the typical clientèle's appearance. i've taken nathaniel to at least 2 different sportsclips in raleigh, and NEITHER had attractive stylists. the last time i took him, the african american lady that cut his hair looked like a crack head. she was not very well kept.

not only were the stylists generally unattractive, the men that were 'waiting' were also fat, dirty (looked like they hadn't showered), wearing gym clothes and/or sweats, dirty sneakers, etc.

so i wonder where they take the photos they use on TV and/or the internet?

really. they make you expect hooters but then they give you waffle house.

fried eggs anyone?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

riding dirty

funny that that song makes me think of faith. not in the "riding dirty" kind of way, just the "widin' durdy" way. (those of you who DO know what i'm talking about will laugh when you hear the song, uncensored - i can't for the LIFE of me think of where she'd hear this song! melissa doesn't listen to this kind of music!)

what's up with that dude's teeth? is that attractive? yea. ok. maybe if you are a gemologist.

so taday i said to nathaniel "we need a vacuum upstairs and we need one downstairs too!"

he said "NO WE DON'T!!!" (i agree, we don't need 2, but it would be nice.)

this brief conversation made me think of about when i was little, my mom had one of those blue electrolux vacuum cleaners. i used to ride the trunk part of it like a dog. some way, in my mind, it was like a dog. except without the fur. i loved riding that old thing.

also, i saw a couple of boxes on the side of the road today. anyone want to build a fort?

tee hee hee.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is it her ring?

just a bit ago before my mom met the lady with the ring, my mom called me and said "if it isn't mine, should i take it?" she knew the answer to this question. i suppose the excitement of "my ring!" was over and reality over-set in (she had the gut feeling it wasn't gonna be hers). i asked her how many people she graduated with. she said '25 in my class, 24 in the "other" class'. i suppose the 'other' class means the integrated [black] class. so in the end, there was basically a 50-50 chance the ring was hers.

unfortunately for my mom (and me), the ring was not hers. the ring was a bit banged up (bent), but it definitely wasn't hers. my mom did not take the ring. the initials were similar to hers, but are the same as those of the black boy in her class. so, they looked up his name in the phone book and he still lives in the area. we can only hope now that this ring finds its way home to the rightful owner. (well, assuming it was lost in the first place.)

i wish i knew the end to this story. i guess this will be one of those that kinda leave you hanging and wondering what really happens in the end. kinda like that book i just read. except in this case, i won't be writing a sequel!

what goes around comes around!

well, maybe. lets just HOPE what goes around comes around, for this story anyway.

so today, mom called me about 4pm. she said "i just got the strangest phone call."

now if my mama calls it strange, then it is strange. she went on to tell me about a woman that went to school with aunt joy (her older sister). this woman (i don't know her name) called mom today and told her "i think we have something of yours!"

what could it be? mom's first thought was pictures. but why after all these years (eh, can i say it mom? it is 39 years this year since mom graduated from high school!) would this lady think that she had something mom would want after ALL those years!?! especially from/for someone who wasn't even her class.

well, the lady went on to explain that her GRANDson bought a "box of junk", i'm guessing at an auction or a yard sale. where? who knows. but anyway, inside the box of junk was a tackle box. and inside that tackle box was a class ring from the high school that mom went to (remember, that school isn't even around anymore), a ring from the Class Of 1969, a ladies' ring, blue stone, etc. inside the ring are my mom's first and last initial.

so, let me change the story for a minute. i just finished reading a book called "secret life of bees" (it is ok, i recommend it for a quick read). this book takes place in 1964, the year that black people got the right to vote. after discussing this with my mom and dad, it turns out that mom's senior year was the year that her school integrated blacks and whites. isn't that just amazing? that she participated in such a historic event? same goes for my dad. it was actually pretty neat listening to the 2 of them talk about the year schools were integrated. i can't imagine what it was like...

well, there was only one other person in her senior class that had her same first and last initial. he was a black boy, a 'new' student in her school.

ok, so back to my original story. is this her ring? is this the ring that i lost? that i gave away? well, we will find out tomorrow. mom is going to see her when she goes to see tuter (my grandma, her mother). i can't wait to write part 3!

up next: part 3 - is it her ring?

Monday, March 24, 2008

old news

Laurel Mill, a landmark near where my mom went to high school

here is a story that very few know about... and the ones who know it probably forgot it, so i think the time has come that it is time to mention it again.

back when i was in middle school, i was obsessed with rings, as most pre-teen girls probably are... well at the time, my mom had her old high school class ring, a high school that no longer exists. so anyway, she let me wear her ring. i wore it for a long time, all the time, etc.

until one day, i let one of my "friends" (who happened to be black) wear the ring. it was probably a friday. and, i forgot to get it back. or, maybe she said "let me wear it for the weekend." i really can't be certain.

of coarse, me NOT wearing it home from school was quickly noticed by my mom. who was quite upset, and rightly so. i explained what was to happen, that i was supposed to get it back on monday. well on monday, i didn't get it back. the girl said (and i do remember this) that she let her cousin wear it. so on tuesday, i can't remember if my mom called her mom, or if we went to her house. her mom probably wasn't home. i think there were like 20 people living in their little green house right down the street from school. they were poor.

i suppose mom did what i would have done if i were older and wiser, but boy was i embarrassed. so embarrassed that i remember that that was the end of my friendship with this girl. and, there began the year (or 2) that i hated black people (because she stole my mama's ring, at least that is what my 12 year old mind thought). (let me also add that this 'hate' was more a 'fear' and probably propagated by the raging hormones of a middle school girl.)

the next year, 8th grade, one of her "cousins" (named vicki) wanted to fight me because i didn't like her or something. i don't really remember why, but i do know she was black. our high school was located across from a shopping center that had resturants and stuff, and after school one day i walked over to get ice cream. she and 2 others followed me. in a threatening manner. ... i wasn't about to fight a black person (because at my middle school "they" were all related and by fighting with one meant you would be fighting with ALL of them), especially off school property where noone would be around to stop her from killing me. so, i ducked into kerr drugs and stayed put until my mom came to get me.

i'm sure mom remembers this because i didn't want to go back to school. ever. because i knew what was about to happen.

the next day, this girl, vicki, pushed me 'up' a set of stairs. i had my hands in my pockets and just fell right down. i didn't get up, i wasn't gonna fight. i knew that would land me in more trouble than it was worth, not only with my dark colored peers, but with my mom and dad (who would be very disappointed if i got in a fight, and i'm not really a fighter anyway...) noone knew about this, a fight never happened, i just shrugged it off and kept walking.

long story short, the adventure of high school quickly made my 'hate' (fear) of black people fade away. for one, this girl (and her mean cousin) probably dropped out of school because i do not remember them in my high school. plus, i suppose hormones kinda level off by the time you are 16 and therefore you get past all those fears and misunderstandings.

all these years later, the ring has been written off as "stolen" "melted" "lost". it was years before my mom would give me a ring to wear. she did, finally, give me some (via santa). i still have them all. the first was an emerald ring. next was a cameo. next was my very own high school class ring, with a sapphire, just like hers.

UP NEXT: what goes around comes around!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

survey from amy...

1. Are you afraid of someone hearing you pee? no. i'm not even afraid of someone seeing me pee.

2. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? oreos

3. Spell your name how it sounds: an-ah-lee

4. Name one word to describe your personality: today? scattered. yesterday? tortured (migraine). tomorrow? relaxed (i hope!)

5. What are your top three turn on in the opposite sex? straight, white teeth; clean, unbitten nails; and science-smart (i.e., a nerd)

6. Describe your significant other in two words: FAMILY MAN

7. Where do you see yourself in six years? done having babies, working on getting my body back in to the shape it should be in. even if it requires a little of the 'plastic' help.

8. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? my engagement ring

9. What cell phone service do you have? alltel

10. What do you hate most about NY state (ok, this is a weird question)? never been, really, so i neither hate nor like it.

11. What kind of car is your dream car? something that runs on FREE gas... (something large, roomy, imposing, and safe)

12. Can you leave the house without make-up? well i generally tend to only wear mascara and lipstick, but here lately i don't even wear lipstick because when i kiss kendal (which i do constantly) it gets on him, or his clothes (which i haven't figured out yet how to clean off). !!!

13. What are your three favorite stores to shop at? coldwater creek, target, and Archivers!

14. Do you consider yourself to be good looking? average

15. What do you miss about being a kid? not knowing

16. What is your favorite animal? cats, particularly long hair orange tabbys

17. Do you think you're going to have a good Valentine's Day? i always will from last year on!

18. Apple, Orange or Cranberry Juice? orange unless it is fresh pressed apple

19. Do you get enough sleep at night? generally, yes.

20. Favorite channel on T.V.? TVland

21. Are you dating the person you text most (this question obviously designed for teenagers)? well, i'm not dating him anymore... it is probably because of texts that i am married to him!

22. What's your favorite color? anything in the yellow-orange-red hue

23. What do you want? oreos to be negative calories

24. Who was the last person you shared a bed with? well actually, it'd be kendal since we took a nap this afternoon and it isn't quite bedtime yet.

25. Do you talk to yourself? i suppose so

26. Do you drink milk straight from the carton? no.

27. Who knows a dark secret or two about you? hum. probably tracie would be the only person i can think of that knows stuff no one else knows.

28. What was the last song you heard on the radio that you liked? crushcrushcrushcrush by paramore

29. Do you like Batman? eh, not really.

30. Who did you last hug? nathaniel, since kendal doesn't really hug back yet.

31. Do you swear at your parents (ok, another teenager question, I'm sure)? no.

32. Do you like anyone now? sure

33. When was the last time you lied? well, back when i answered #10. i think buffalo fans make me not like NYstate. that, and hillary clinton.

34. Obama, Hillary or McCain? i'm gonna have to say obama on that one, but really it is like picking from "beets, brussel sprouts, or chicken liver" (of which i don't like any of those foods)

35. Is your b-day on a holiday? no

36. What instant messaging service do you use?
i dont use anything. well, maybe yahoo sometimes when my sister is online.

37. Last thing you cooked today? i reheated a grilled pineapple and shrimp quesadilla. does that count? besides reheating it, i cooked them 2 days ago, so that was really the last thing i cooked anyway.

38. Did you have a nap today? yes i did.

39. Who's house did you go to last? my parent's house.

40. If you ran into someone who hadn't seen you in five years, what would be one thing different about you that they'd be sure to comment on? how much happier i am now than i was 5 years ago. unless they were the rude type of person, then they may say something about how much heavier i am now!

41. Why is the sky blue? right now it is black with lots of white dots!

42. Do you like green beans? not really unless they are fresh

43. Do you swear a lot? not really. can't with a baby around you know.

44. Where did you get the shirt you are currently wearing?nathaniel's 'work shirt' drawer, about 2 years ago...

45. Have any regrets? in the grand scheme of things, no.

46. Do you use an alarm clock? who needs one with a 6 month old that rises and falls ON SCHEDULE with the sun!!!

47. Where are you? at my desk at home

48. Do you ever snort when you laugh? not really

49. What's the first thing you notice in the opposite sex? posture

50. Do you wear underwear? not in the shower

51. Who/what would you like to see right now? the letter ZZZZZZZZZZ
and these sheep:

52. Are you social? used to be, but being at home all the time really puts a kink in an outgoing personality.

53. Are you afraid of the dark? actually, yes. we have nightlights everywhere in this house and that is why.

54. Do you miss someone today? nathaniel while he was at work

55. Who was the last person you kissed? nathaniel

56. Are you happy with your life? certainly

57. Last person who you told your problems to? well if you call "i have a headache" a problem, then nathaniel. other than that, i don't really have any problems.

58. What are you doing tonight? well, i helped nathaniel put fishing line on his "new" reel, then i tied a couple of lures onto it so hopefully he will outfish chris tomorrow!

59. Do you have any dilemmas right now? nope

60. What is your favorite card game? UNO

61. Who is your best friend? #1 nathaniel, #2 there is like a 10 way tie

62. Do you think your best friend will always be there for you? Until death do us part... (and hopefully we'll live to be 100 and 100+3 months!!!)

63. What is your My Space song right now? winter by kristin hersh

64. Do you prefer to text or IM?Text.

65. Who did you get this from? Amy's blog

66. Do you believe the number 6 is the number of death? how is this so? who said? why? i don't think death has a number. it has a time.

67. What are your favorite magazines? mens health? i actually haven't been reading magazines lately.

68. ARE WE THERE YET? not until tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

happy easter!

here are some i've not seen before...

how do you eat yours?

one of my favorite eastertime treats when i was little was the cadbury creme egg. i don't know why i liked them so much. honestly, i haven't had one in years.

yesterday, however, i saw that the standard large egg now comes in a mini egg dozen... so, i bought "a dozen". YUM. i ate 6 in the car. (yesterday, i got a migraine. when i start getting one, i generally tend to crave sugar. and yes, i've checked my blood sugar before and it is always normal.) i ate each one whole (as they are small enough to put in your mouth and chew).

so, this morning, i ate another one. this time, i ate it slow. i bit it in half, and looked inside. guess what! even the little ones have the "yolk"!!! so i then licked it out the middle (of coarse to see if it tasted any different, which it did not), and then ate the rest of the chocolate! YUM!

do you like cadbury eggs? did you like them when you were little? did you know that in the US the cadbury egg is smaller than it used to be!?!??

kendal wants to eat a cadbury egg. he says the plastic ones just don't taste that good. he'd know, because he licked half the ones in this picture!!!

"you lick it. see if you like it. GIVE ME CHOCOLATE!!!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

i just love this song. i'm not sure why.

Amy Winehouse Lyrics

lucky AND charming!

melissa, this one is for your "funny faces" book. you tell me what he is looking at? i haven't a clue!

here is a funny story about yesterday. (well actually 2 days ago since now it is officially a new day.)

nathaniel and i went on a walk after he got home from work on wednesday. we set off with a dog and a stroller (kendal was sitting ALL the way up in the stroller).

first, we ran into our neighbors and their dog. big big dog. kendal loves dogs. he wasn't even afraid in the slightest. khaki even licked his face when he was trying to grab her whiskers.

ok, so we finally stopped socializing and started exercising and kendal got a little fussy. i figured he was cold, since i am so smart and didn't bring him a coat. yea, i was warm... i was moving! he was getting cold air blasted in his face! so i wrapped him in his blanket and popped that hush button in his mouth and he sucked away.

not 2 minutes later i looked down to see kendal slumped over the front of the stroller. nathaniel said in a panic voice "OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM???" and i, likewise, reached down and shoved him backwards.

he was asleep. i didn't even know he was sleepy. guess the stroller works kinda like the car because he ALWAYS sleeps in the car (even a 5 minute ride turns into a quick nap!) so i laid back the stroller seat and covered his little legs and arms up, and he slept the rest of the way around the block!

isn't that a funny story? well, many of you have already seen these photos, but here are some old ones and some new ones too - there are our homemade st. patty's day pictures!

the "chip - n - dale" look

kendal was WAY interested in what those leaves were made of (acrylic).

don't you know i kiss him all day long?
know what? i don't mind my face all slobbery anymore!

i had another thought... tomorrow is kendal's half birthday. can you believe he is 6 months old? i can't. seems like just yesterday my water broke... and no, i still have not forgotten how bad labor hurts after 6 months. although, i'd gladly do it again to get another one just like him.

he is so big. i weighed him 2 days ago and he was 19.6 pounds and that was AFTER a big poop and at least 2 hours after he ate last. (i.e., he was "empty") kate and mom and i went shopping to buy him a few new clothes. he can't fit those thunder thighs into the 12 month jeans. so, on to the stretchy pants... which the 12 month ones are too small now. so, we have started in the 18 month clothes! he is wearing "real" pjs now (shirt and pants rather than the footie snap up thingys). now if i could only get him to stand up...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

what is wrong with people?

"what is wrong with people?" is what nathaniel says every time he sees something whacko crazy happening in the world. like when a college student gets robbed (and murdered) for his/her money.

really. what is wrong with people?

now to continue quoting people, i must add a comment my dad made. (i think it was my dad who said it. maybe it was nathaniel.) "when are they gonna figure out college students are broke?"

really. when are they gonna figure out that college students are broke?

2 robbery murders in durham/CH? 2 robberies at NCSU? these not-so-bright criminals are REALLY barking up the wrong tree.

ok, so i just have to say it. not only what is wrong with "people", what is wrong with those 2 dumb kids from durham? using an atm card of the girl they just killed? not wearing a disguise? using her phone to call their friends? OH MY GOD. it is a dissappointment that the 17 year old can't get the death penalty. because that is the only place that the world could be safe from him.

did you see that BOTH of the eve carson murderers were due in wake co. court LAST week for robbery? and both had a rap sheet? WHY WERE THEY FREE??? and who braided their hair since last week? shouldn't we find out who was helping them hide and arrest them too?

i suppose in a weird sort of way, we can thank our poor judicial system for the death of that poor girl. and that poor guy back in january. because if the justice system had done its job in the first place, those fellows would have been behind bars.

ok, so this is as much as i can say or quote without using words like "durham", "black", and "nuke".

oh wait. i already said durham.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

last night's game

yesterday at the last minute, nathaniel and i went to the SOLD OUT canes' game against buffalo. nathaniel hates buffalo. i think i've always "liked" them because #1 eric cole is from buffalo (not the team, the town), and #2 their fans are just rabid hockey fans.

well last night, the buffalo fans were there in full force. nathaniel says it is because of the RBC Center's close proximity to the confined area of relocated yankees (CARY)... i'd say between 5 and 10% of the crowd were buffalo fans. young ones, old ones, annoying 20 something ones, etc.

overall, the middle-young aged fans were quite annoying, although entertaining. they were loud, obnoxious, and rude, but they would get under the skin of other c.a.r.y. hurricane's fan that would keep us interested. like these 3 22 year old boys sitting one row up and 10 rows over from us. they were screaming about lets go buffalo or some crap during a commercial timeout and this guy who was walking down to his seat (by the glass) who was carrying 2 ice creams stopped to yell back at them. i have no idea what he was saying (i think it was something about their goalie), but the kids started saying "just go eat your ice cream" and then the yelling would continue. (the yelling was RIGHT over the head of the guy sitting in front of us.)

i suppose most carolina fans realize the intensity of their rival buffalo fans, so they brought things to the game were funny. (and i didn't get some of them.) first, there was a yellow, blown up banana (like the kind of toy you win at the guess-your-age game at the fair). next, some canes fan had a rope with a stuffed buffalo on the end. that one is obvious... but the banana? they even had a banner on the jumbotron that said "contrary to popular belief, bananas do not grow in buffalo." apparently, people think the buffalo's jersey design looks like a banana.
i guess i can see the resemblance. some some other funny things...then there was a chick in a yellow shirt that would turn around and flip off the canes fans everytime we got up to cheer for a GOAL we made... and the loud mouths on the TOP TOP row that were yelling for buffalo...

anyway, i just wanted to report funny things from the game last night. good thing the canes won!

and nathaniel was right. buffalo fans are assholes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Today I received my pair of MINI loaf pans from Longaberger. I got the Tomato Color, as shown above. However, the above photo is of the regular loaf pan, not the mini. I guess it was a special order only... because now I can't even find it online!

Let me just say that they are SO cute. I even bought bananas the other day so i could let them overripen and make mini-loafs of banana bread. I was gonna save them and give them as gifts (with a cake in it), but, they are just too cute. I think I'll use them plenty, so I'm keeping them.

A while back, I ordered of the small pie plates and we use them all the time. I have both the tomato red and orange spice color. they are perfect for salads and pasta. i've wanted to cook a pot pie in them, but i haven't yet. i can't wait for THEM to go on special again, because i want 4 more!!!

also, i bought a lunch basket about 2 years ago. it is so cute. unfortunately it lives in the cabinet now, mainly because i never need to "take" my lunch anywhere. and i'm sure nathaniel wouldn't want to carry it to work (not as manly as a food lion bag, right?).

If you want to look at the Longaberger stuff, which is AWESOME both the pottery and the baskets, please go to my sister's page and see what they have! (and i'm assuming she doesn't mind me posting the link...)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Cards

I'm always excited when I make new cards. I want everyone to see them. Even if I plan to mail them to folks. Yesterday and today, since work is "in waiting" (I have 2 projects, and on both I am waiting to hear back from the designer/engineer), I decided to make St. Patrick's Day cards. Really, it is just a way to send family new pictures of Kendal.

Anyway, I suppose i'll have to wait to post the photos of my new SPD cards. But until then, I made 5 designs (12 cards) to be sold on consignment at Dulcinea (the place where Stephanie works in Greenville).

So anyway, here are my new cards! If you have any ideas for me, let me know! (BTW, these are scanned copies of the cards, they are much prettier in person!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

laughing kendal

this past weekend, nathaniel put all the cat toys (he found under the stove) into a basket downstairs.

tonight, nathaniel was washing dishes and i was watching kendal play in his saucer, which is right next to the cat toy basket. maggie approached the said basket and started sniffing around (looking for a treat, i thought). she pulled out her favorite (cat) toy, which is a blue lizard. this blue lizard came from petsmart last year, mom gave me a coupon for "1 free cat toy" and that is what i got. willow has played with it some, but mainly maggie loves to throw it, play keep away with it, and chew it.

so out came the blue lizard. maggie stomped around it a bit, and then looked at me and growled (my sign that she wants to play). well when she growled, kendal looked at her and smiled.

mags with the blue lizard

i started playing with mags for a few minutes, kendal getting increasingly interested. by this time, nathaniel was finished in the sink and came in the living room to see what was going on (because as you all know, i rarely play with maggie). i pulled kendal out of the saucer and sat him on the floor, in my lap, so he could get a close view of mags playing.

kendal starting to enjoy doggie playtime

we played and we played. and kendal laughed and laughed and laughed. he particularly liked when maggie growled at the toy when i was trying to get it from her. this went on for quite some time, then nathaniel went to get the camera.. and it started all over again. i'd say besides me saying "buji buji buji", this was the longest he's laughed yet.

i sure hope this video works.

now, these pictures are after the laughing session... kendal was watching me while nathaniel was holding him! as much as i think he looks like me, he SO looks like nathaniel too! what do you think?

look at my tongue!
(did i spell it right mom?)

are you coming mommie?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

red headed boys

to be honest, when the doctor first said that kendal had red hair, my first thought was "oh no!" mainly because... how many cute red headed boys have you ever seen?

let me recount the red headed boys i can think of, in the order that i can remember them.

-long time ago, like in 1st grade or something, i vaguely remember a boy that had red hair. for some reason i feel like his name was forrest. maybe that was his last name.. i really can't remember much about him except he had red hair and i didnt' like him.

+several years ago, i met a coworker's son (tankard), who had red hair. i think his name was hayden, but i'm not sure. he was a cute little guy. sweet as can be. and apparently a good son, too because his dad sure bragged about him (and his sister who also had red hair) a lot!

+recently, i met nathaniel's nephew zach, who is about the cutest 'grown' [boy] kid i've ever seen. maybe it is his personality, maybe it isn't his red hair at all, but he is adorable.

++even more recently, i've noticed that prince harry has red hair. i think he is SO cute. everytime they show him on tv, i say (outloud) "he is so cute!"

so i'm not so worried about my red headed boy now. i hope his hair stays red because it sure is pretty.

oh my god! he is so cute!!!


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