Saturday, November 29, 2008

Videos from Thanksgiving

Kendal and the girls found their Grandpa quite funny this Thanksgiving! I found the girls to be cute as buttons! Oh my - Holly has some fierce competition when it comes to adorableness - from her brother AND her cousins!!! (I know, it really isn't a battle of who is cuter...)

Then and Now

Last year for Thanksgiving we went to KY... This year for Thanksgiving we stayed in NC while everyone else (in my family) went to KY... Oh wow - Kendal has grown!!! And I think Kendal enjoyed playing with his baby cousins and leaves and lots and lots of dogs more than he did bowling! (Of coarse, bowling would have been fun too - and I'm sure in KY he would have enjoyed playing with his big cousins!) Christmas time is HERE! YAY!!!

Black Friday

OK, so black friday is over now... who braved the stores? and was it worth it - did you really get a deal? i remember last year melissa and i thought we'd be smart and get up at 4am to be at meijer by 5am (i was in KY). she wanted to get rob a digital photo frame. by the time we got there (5:30 or so), they were sold out of the good ones... and the only thing we got was some candy and a towel for kendal. then we headed up to ETown and hit michaels... where we shopped the $1 stamp bin (which if you are familiar with michaels- this isn't a holiday special, this is a rack that is always there and available to buy from). then we got some coffee from starbucks, and went to target.. where the line was wrapped AROUND the inside of the store. anyway, last year she and i decided that black friday shopping was a waste. so, this year i had no desire to even try! but... we did end up going out (to shop) but it was WELL after 3pm before we got to a store. all those 4am to 9am sales were long past gone. the lines weren't even long, and there were spaces in the parking lots. so, i hardly consider us "shopping" on black friday. plus we only spent $11... on bows at ACMoore!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Name Game Of My Dreams

Yesterday's Thanksgiving meal went off without a hitch. Everything was SO SO SO good - I wish I could eat it all again today (yes, even the butternut squash soup)! I didn't even miss the stuffing... there was a cherry sausage rice dish that kinda took its place (it was DELICIOUS - I picked out so many of the cherries.) And Shannon is 2 for 2 in regards to Kendal's belly because the two things she cooked - he ate! Can't say that for anyone else (not even myself), the only other thing he'd eat was my pumpkin pie. Good thing I planned ahead and brought him food... (which was also turkey, just sliced deli meat - and cheese!) Anyway, after dinner as we were enjoying our dessert (well, some of us had room for dessert), I mentioned a dream I had last week about Holly. I dreamed that when she was born, I named her something different. Her name was still Holly, but Noelle was NOT her middle name. Interesting enough, as I said out loud the name I gave her in my dreams, Nathaniel said "That's Amy's middle name!" SO... I will have to pay Chris $5 for changing the baby name*... but I just may do it. This is a name that Nathaniel likes, as he's mentioned it before I just forgot about it. The name itself could represent many people that are important to me, not just Amy. So we agreed, over cake and wine (and water) that if she's born on Christmas day (or Amy's birthday which is near her due date), we'd give her this middle name. *Chris, this secret message is for you. I think after you know what it is (if you ever know), you'd let that $5 slide because i think you'd like it better than Noelle! I won't tell you what it is, obviously some of you will know what it is - but for those of you who don't, here is a hint!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

...for my family who may be going through KWS

KWS: Kendal Withdrawal Syndrome Here are 2 photos of him watching sponge bob (note the 'OOO' lips) next here is a video of kendal dancing to In The Mood on monday night. disclaimer: it looks like he's picking up something off the floor and eating it... but upon further investigation, it was just a knot in the wood. also, please excuse the crying at the end... it was his bedtime and he was quite sleepy. next up (from yesterday afternoon)... here is kendal dancing and "playing" the piano. this is that barbie keyboard that mom gave me years ago. i finally put new batteries in it and now it is one of kendal's favorite toys. anyway, it has 3 demo songs that when they are playing, the keyboard keys play chords that go with it. so, no, he isn't a child prodigy... it is the keyboard. i just thought it was cute how he was dancing so hard - especially in the the second video (it is a brittney spears song). ok, last, this was taken the same time as the other ones (keyboard), but i just thought it was too cute not to post. he's really not interested in walking here because apparently i was too funny to look at. he is such a ham.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time to keep change in your pocket!

it is that time of year again... when the bell ringers guilt you into donating all your loose change to the salvation army. i thought i'd write a few thoughts about it since twice... i've been a bell ringer. when i worked in washington, one day of the christmas season, the staff at the WaRO would volunteer to fill the bell ringer spot for a day. we took hourly shifts and stood outside of walmart, ringing away in pairs (actually in fours... since there was 2 of us at both entrances of walmart). i was always surprised at the mannerisms of the people walking in (and out) of the store. here were some of the responses we would get: 1. no eye contact (this was most common) 2. "i'll get you on the way out" 3. "sorry, i don't have any change" 4. "this is all i have" 5. "i already gave" 6. a donation (this was unfortunately the least common) thing is that we really don't care if you give or not. the money isn't for us, and we weren't a part of the salvation army. we can't see how much you do or do not put in the bowl - it could be 2 pennies or 2 $100 bills, we'd never know the difference. we never asked anyone for money, we just stood there and rang the bell, thanking people who did give. and as you may or may not know, beaufort county is not a very "rich" county. there are lots of low-income people that live both in and around washington. walmart is the only "big" store there, so it did gets lots of traffic. but, surprising to me, the people that gave money were never the people i thought would give. it was always the very poorly dressed (old, raggedy clothes) black people that would give the most money. the very people who looked like they were well below the poverty level... people who probably didn't have much to start with. the rich, snooty white people rarely gave - they were always the ones either making no eye contact or saying they didn't have any change or something. women were more likely to give than men (not really a surprise). people with kids were more likely to give also (the kids like to put change in the bucket). occasionally, someone would tell us how the salvation army helped them at some point in their life. (really it was rare for anyone to speak to us, so any stories were always wonderful and made me glad for the hour i was spending in the freezing cold ringing that annoying bell.) so, folks, gather all that change that has accumulated on your dryer or under your car seat. when you pass by a bell ringer, make eye contact. speak. and put in a nickel or a penny or $10, whatever you have to spare. but, don't put it all in one bucket... keep some for your way out, and the next time you go in, and the next store with another bell ringer. although you aren't helping the ringers (it is all volunteer), they appreciate your kindness and acknowledgement too!

Monday, November 24, 2008


When we last visited Famous Louise's, the Liar's Table was occupied with a group of old folks, three couples to be exact. These people looked to be somewhat older than my parents, but not so old that they cannot get out-and-about (late 60s and early 70s I guess). The waitress came and took their order. During the ordering process, many old-folk jokes were made. (Jokes that centered around who was the oldest, who had been married the longest, etc.) Nathaniel and I smiled and snickered at them several times (their jokes were quite funny) - mainly because there was not many other people in the restaurant, so we did not have much else with which to look and listen. By this point, we were enjoying our coffee, and still waiting on our food. (Have I yet mentioned how slow the service is there? The food is good, but you are famished by the time you get it!) Anyway, when we left the restaurant, we started talking about my dad and how he goes to eat at the same restaurant - with the same people (his golf buddies) - every Saturday morning (except this time of year - hunting ranks higher than golf). We wondered if there was a "Liar's Table" in that diner, and if they sat at it. Did they have to order or do the waitresses know what they want? Do they talk and tell cheesy old people jokes? Last week, I remembered to ask him about it.


Amy already blogged about the "thanks" part of thanksgiving... I thought I'd blog about the other part - the FOOD! This year, my family is having a change of plans. Usually, my mom's side of the family gets together and eats at mom's house. This year, though, mom and dad and kate are going to KY jelly to be with the fairels' (sans rob who is at training for this month in CA), so nathaniel, kendal, and i are "on our own" as far as tradition goes. its actually worked out pretty good because this year, his side of the family doesn't have to arrange their schedules for me... and we're going there for thanksgiving! yay! now here is the "funny" part... nathaniel's dad mentioned he wanted to have a "traditional" thanksgiving meal. well... i'm the only one in the family from the south (with a grandfather that grew up on the Chesapeake bay)... and i do believe what i call a traditional thanksgiving meal is a little different than from what the midwesterners think is a traditional thanksgiving meal. (i certainly don't mean this in a bad way, no way is better, they are just different.) i mean... no oyster stuffing? i suppose we haven't had any either since my grandfather died years ago... but i still crave it. my mom makes stuffing from cornbread, cornbread that she fries before she makes the stuffing (fries it just for the stuffing). i'm not even sure if stuffing is on the menu for this year, but i'll be ok without it. cranberry sauce: right out of the can. thanksgiving is just another meal unless you have some of this nasty stuff. i'm sure a can of cranberry sauce won't be on the table on thursday (again, i won't miss it). sweet potato casserole: i'm in charge of bring a sweet potato dish and for the 32 years i've been alive for thanksgiving, i've been forced to eat sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top of it. this year, i'm not making it (again, i don't even like marshmallows unless they are blackened on a fire or mixed in with rice krispy treats). now one thing i will miss is angela's eclair dessert thing. oh, and grandma jones's chocolate pie (even though i scrape off the meringue). and now that i start really thinking about it, i wanted to mention the BEST TURKEY i've ever eaten...(especially since i'm not much of a turkey fan). it was maybe 4 thanksgivings ago, and melissa cooked it. they lived in the "big" house in MO (radcliff? i can't even remember the name of the town) - and she stuffed it with all sorts of wonderful herbs. it was her first turkey, and it was the best one i've ever eaten. by the way, the best pork loin goes to Dad T! And it is on the menu for Thanksgiving! yay! so here's to all that i'm thankful for, and here's to the turkey that mom, dad, and kate will get to eat (i'm sure melissa will make one just as good this year), and here's to all the "new" stuff i'll eat this thanksgiving (like butternut squash soup)!

Kendal's TV preferences

Kendal really doesn't watch much TV. However, through his life, I've noticed a few shows that he really enjoys. (Enjoys means he can actually focus on it for more than 2 seconds, or will turn to it when it comes on.) In the mornings after breakfast (if I even remember to turn on the TV), I will tune into cartoons (as opposed to WRAL news) when he's in his jumper, usually about 30 minutes. Often, SpongeBob is on (depends on how slow or fast we make it downstairs for breakfast). This morning, I ran a little behind... and SpongeBob was already off, but Sesame Street was on. Today he really seems into Sesame Street. The program isn't ALL music, but they do sing a lot of songs. He didn't watch the whole thing, but he did focus on it for a few moments at a time... when they were singing songs! if there is a good beat, he'll dance with it! He loves music. He loves shows with songs. Here are some others songs/shows that he really likes: 1. INTRO to SpongeBob. He doesn't really watch the show part of SB, just the intro song. SpongeBob makes Kendal so happy that he makes "OOOOOO" lips and often claps or raises his hands above his head (yay). 2. WonderPets! Wonderpets! is all music - and he can watch a whole 15 minute episode without distraction! How's that for attention span! When he watches WonderPets!, he is SO excited through the whole show. He claps, dances, smiles, laughs, and raises his hands above his head. WonderPets! is clearly his favorite show. Hopefully for Christmas this year, I'll be able to find the WonderPets! Save the Nutcracker DVD... It comes out Dec. 1st. 3. Anyone who's ever shopped at Gymboree knows that they have a TV station for kids to sit while the parents shop. Last week, they were playing music from the Rudolph show (the old claymation one, you know what i'm talking about?). He was dancing and clapping to the songs! Maybe that will be another DVD set I can be on the lookout for this holiday season! 4. The WRAL song (they play it before the news comes on after commercials). He always looks up for this one. 5. The "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" theme song - played during commercials. He looks up for this one too. 6. The Boomerang song (Boomerang is a cartoon channel for those of you who do not know). He loves that song too. It is short, but he always dances to it. Well that's it for this morning. I just thought I'd mention this because today is the first day I've really seen him paying attention to Sesame Street. (P.S. His 30 minutes in the jumper is USUALLY the time he poops in the morning. Must be something about jumping and working out a poop... Kinda similar to the pre-race stretches and sprints that runners do - I swear it is so they can take advantage of the portajons before they get into the race!) Time to go - gotta change the diaper! (Its been 30 minutes since I put him in the jumper (and started writing this blog) - and he just had a series of grunts... now the odor reached my nose! I tell you, who needs an apple a day - the jumper trick works too!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


During the pre-baby days of early August 2007, Nathaniel and I took a "babymoon" (vacation) to Linville Falls, NC. It was the last week before that have-to-stay-within-2-hours-of-the-hospital rule took affect, and although I was swollen and it was hot, we decided that 2 nights of camping with a day of hiking and driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway was the way to go for our last vacation without a child. We had a great time while we were there. If you all remember, we didn't find out the gender during that first pregnancy and thus we had a difficult time picking out a name for him/her. That Sunday morning, we ventured into the town of Linville Falls and decided to try one of the local restaurants, specifically the Famous Louise's Rockhouse Restaurant. During our visit, we discussed the unique location, as three county lines (Avery, Burke, and McDowell counties) all join inside the building. We even picked at that time the names of Avery and Mitchell (Mitchell County being the next county over...) for possible child names. (I still like those names, but mom told me that there were 4 Averys in preschool last year, Mitchell turned into Marshal for this baby - but since it is a girl, we'll have to hang on to it for next time.) I also remember the beautiful rock fireplace, the delicious homemade jam, and the slow service we received there on that hot Sunday morning. Fast forward 1 year and 2-1/2 months... it is yet again the last weekend that I can venture 2 hours away from the hospital, and we go camping again for the CGS Annual Field Trip. We camped in the same campground, which is in the town of Linville Falls. Again, we eat at Famous Louise's for dinner on Friday (in which we sat in the exact same table as our first visit), and then again on Sunday morning (we moved over 1 table for this visit). This time, we ENJOYED the warm fireplace (it was cold out!) and the service was somewhat better, however Nathaniel's fish wasn't cooked enough when we ate there Friday night. We also took notice of the way some of the tables had names... like, for example, the LIAR'S TABLE which was next to us. This table was empty for our first two visits... but Sunday, Nov. 2nd, 2008, there was a group of old folks that walked in the door, nodded at the waitress, and sat at the table.

Welcome to Fate - Part 3 of 3

Before I left, I applied for a Hydro II job with the Express Review Program. While I was gone, one of the Express Review people in Raleigh had a meeting in Washington... and I suppose someone told him that I had applied for the position. So, when I got back from vacation, I had a note on my desk that said something like "Heard you applied for the job. Good luck. Hope you feel better." I should have saved this note because it was from Nathaniel, someone who I knew I'd met before, but I couldn't really place a face with his name.
(Get it? It's a LOVE note!)
So I emailed him to thank him for the well wishes, and to let him know I wasn't sick, I was just visiting my sister who didn't have a baby, etc. This led to daily emails of "Did she have him yet?" and after a week of still no baby, "I bet you a beer he'll be born tomorrow" (I won that bet). So after a month or so went by... I claimed my prize (the beer) from the man I had since gotten to know through endless emails. We then went to visit my sister at NCSU (where we watched some of "What Women Want") then to the Flying Saucer - and after too many bad khaki pants jokes and a sighting of someone else I dated a long time ago, the night ended. (Nathaniel would tell you that it ended with a cold shoulder from me!) A week later, I had my last "forced" date with JB (free dinner was what I consider it to be)... we hadn't seen each other in nearly a month however he wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. So I went, it was horrible, we didn't talk, it was very uncomfortable, and that was the last time I saw or talked to him for a LONG LONG time. The next night, after my birthday, I went to dinner with one of my friends, who after SEVERAL drinks (for both of us) grabbed my phone when I had a text from Nathaniel... and invited him down for the upcoming weekend. I didn't have the heart to uninvite him (he seemed excited to visit Washington) - I was unsure if I wanted him to come down, but in the end I suppose I'm glad he did. He came down that weekend, wore shorts rather than khaki pants, a T-shirt (blue one) rather than a Charlie Sheen shirt, brought me a birthday present (MST3K DVD), and then he recognized a Badly Drawn Boy CD in my CD case (he'd be my first friend to even know who he was, let alone recognize a CD without their name on it). The rest is history. And now i'm the one with 1.9 kids! (Kind of a weak ending to such a long story, but my point in it all was that fate twisted around to help both my sister AND me in the end! Like childbirth, the brief pain and suffering was not without reward!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Which pair will it be this time?

Let me start by explaining that I wash a lot of clothes, I just have no desire to put them away. I wait until Nathaniel gets home to put up laundry, as it is always nice when he helps me do it. We have a great, fast method: He folds, I hang. *** I just got out of the shower. I went to my underwear drawer to pick out today's pair when I remembered and starting laughing out loud at something he said last night while he was folding my underwear. He said "I wonder which pair it will be this time!?!" referring to which pair of underwear I'll be wearing when (and if) my water breaks. Last time it was a pink and red pair from old navy that said "baby be mine" on the butt. Maybe I should start considering which pair of panties I wear each day, just in case. Really, though, all consideration should be placed on my feet... since when it broke with Kendal, the way I convinced the nurse that it was really broken was telling her that "[the water] made it all the way down into my shoes." No worries, those shoes are long gone.

Welcome to Fate - Part 2 of 3

Late that fall, I began a relationship with a fellow in Greenville (the infamous JB). One time when Melissa was home, JB and I invited her down for a evening of alcohol and club hopping... and she came. So did one of her friends from the military of whom she had been recently reunited, Rob, he was clearly a very supportive man, and compared to the last boyfriend (although he was not her boyfriend yet), I liked him very much. Being the low "woman" on the totum pole, she couldn't get off work that year for Christmas, so she couldn't come home. It was sad, we all missed her (especially since my Grandfather wasn't there either...). The holiday season came and went, and finally my sister planned a trip home. Before she came home (like the DAY before), she told me that she had a positive pregnancy test. "I don't believe it is right though" is the last thing she said to me before she came home, indicating the intention of re-testing the next morning before her flight. So she came home, and avoided eye contact for several days. She wouldn't be alone with me so I could ask her the results - which gave me the answer I was looking for. I was so excited. There would be a new baby in the family but I had to keep the secret. For spring break that year, Mom and Dad planned a trip out west. We had both kept the happy secret for way too long. The night before they left that she told them the news on the phone. Of coarse - they were happy - SO excited to be having their first grandbaby! YAY! Everything was great. After getting to know Rob, we all learned that he was divorced, had two adorable kids from his first marriage, blah blah blah. None of the past really mattered, though, so long as he was CLEARLY making my sister the happiest woman alive. [ FATE ] I honestly believe that if I had never gotten married, I could have never gotten a divorce. If I had never gotten a divorce, then my sister would have never had to work out those issues with divorce and sin. Since she was forced to deal with them prior to her meeting Rob, then that made HIM open to a relationship in her moral world. So if she had never been open to dating Rob, she would have never fallen in love with him (and him with her), and then we wouldn't have had Grace... Fate twisted a little... and for 4 years on and off I dated this butthole (JB). After seeing my sister get married, move to KY, have 2.9 kids, and STILL maintaining that wholeness and happiness in her homelife, I just couldn't settle on dating a man that left me so empty and unloved. I really wanted to be happy like her and find a companion who was as wonderful, kind, funny, and sweet as her husband. And after visiting them a week for the birth of her third child (due date in Mid August - hence why I say 2.9 kids - Josh wasn't quite born yet), I was determined to find someone like him.
(Josh is the 3rd largest kid in this pic!)
It seemed irrelevant at the time that Josh was two weeks late. However, this simple event changed the course of my life.

Welcome to Fate - Part 1 of 3

fate n The cause, force, principle, or divine that will predetermine events; The effect, consequence, outcome, or inevitable events predetermined by this cause; Destiny. After reading the comments for my baby sister's blog, I've come to the conclusion I need to write this blog for my middle sister. This is no secret, but long time ago I was married. About a year later (actually a year to the day - June 12th), it ended. I could have a blog in itself as to the events that led up to it, but I think it is safe to say that the end of my marriage was a surprise to everyone, including my ex. Subsequently, there was a separation, then a divorce. This blog series are the events that happened during that time... as I remember them. [ BACKGROUND INFO ] My middle sister has always been very religious. I have not... previously I either didn't believe, or I didn't act as though I believed. I am a Christian now, I believe that Jesus died for my sins, I admittedly am a sinner, and I also believe in the power of forgiveness and prayer. To this change I can thank my sister and my ex-husband who was also a devout Christian.
"For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away." Malachi 2:16
"Putting away" is the Old Testament term used for divorce. It comes from the Hebrew word shalach, and literally means "to forsake, to cast or push away."
[ WHAT I REMEMBER ] When I separated, my sister had just moved to Missouri the month prior, she was stationed at Fort Leonardwood - and we didn't see her much. The months that followed my separation were a time of change for me. I was dealing with my own reality of failure (in a marriage), and also having to announce it to my friends and extended family made it none-the-easier. Her disappointment in the fact I was getting a divorce angered me, which in turn angered her... The results of this anger? We didn't talk for quite some time. I even remember that the first time she came home (probably in September), mom was worried about the [silent] war that was going on between us. But the visit home came and went, no fighting (I'm sure we were both biting our TONGUE just for the sake of our mother). So sometime between her visit home and when my Grandfather died (late October I think), my sister apologized to me for being mad about my separation/divorce. We made up, and all was well in the world. [Don't leave Part 1 of this series thinking my sister is a bad or mean person because she is not. Like our grandma (Tuter), we are both very opinionated, stubborn, and strong-willed... plus she has red hair! These attributes (both in myself and in her) can sometimes make communication difficult, but always in the end our love for each other and our families wins - and the issues loose significance.]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Karma Part 4 - What happened!

As you can imagine, I've got a good story to tell after all this 'karma' hype. Here's the scene: Sunday, 4 to 6 pm, Kendal was done with a nap, fever was controlled, Mom and I stepped out to go to Michael's and Target in Knightdale to pick up a few odds and ends. We breezed through Michael's and I purchased the supplies I needed to make some wall art for Holly's room. All this time, Kendal was comfortably sitting in his buggybag - in a Michael's shopping cart. Mom walked him down to Target, I moved the car. Mom bought a few things at Target. When we left, it was dark, Kendal was hungry, and it was cold outside. I emptied the cart, Mom picked up Kendal, I buckled him in, Mom picked up the buggybag - we all stuffed in the car and drove home. About 8:45, I got a call listed as PRIVATE on my cell phone's caller ID. Naturally, I did not answer it (remembering back to a few months ago when I got call after call from a PRIVATE Hispanic man who left me weirdo messages that I couldn't understand at all hours of the night). About 5 minutes later, my phone rang again - still from the PRIVATE number. This time, though, the Knightdale Police Officer left a message that he had recovered my purse. My purse? I didn't even know I lost it (or that it had been stolen, i didn't really knew at that point). Upon calling him back and leaving a message for him... the doorbell rang about 5 times... there was a Highway Patrolman at the front door - He came to let me know that my purse had been found. MY PURSE??? HUH???? When he was here, the Knightdale Policeman called me back - and let me know that it was found and that I could come pick it up from the Police Department. The very nice [looking] Patrolman left, I went upstairs, and all our credit cards were canceled. Its a good thing I only have 3 (ATM card, Credit Card, Work Credit Card) because within 15 minutes they were all canceled. Monday morning after taking Kendal to the Doctor (he still had the fever, they found a double ear infection and the start of pink eye - yea, have I won the mom-of-the-year award or what?), we drove over to the Police Department to be greeted by the secretary, of whom I recognized (from high school). They were all very nice, but my purse was locked up in evidence, and the Lieutenant was in a meeting all morning. So, off to Nathaniel's work to get his ATM card... so I could go to Target and buy Kendal's medicines. (Remember, at this point, I have NO ID, so although I have a checkbook, I don't have any ID to use along with it!) I went to Chick-filet to get us breakfast. They asked for my ID... uh, I didn't have any. Reluctanty (after my long, crazy explanation as to why I was using a card with a man's name and I didn't have any ID), the manager let me buy $5 of food. He requested my husband call him ASAP. (Which really, if I was a real crook, I would've worked through that already...) On to Target... where I got medicines no problem, then back to the police station where the LT was back and gladly got my purse for me. I checked in my wallet - and although it was only $5 cash in it, it was still there. I couldn't believe it! Anyway, long story short (too late, eh?) - a clearly HONEST lady recovered my purse from the Michael's shopping cart (ah ha - I left it in there!), called the police, and hence they got my purse. Maybe this happened because for so many years I've tried to never keep any found monies. Maybe this lady is the same way (although this was more than just money she found). Too bad I can't thank her for her good deed. I just hope that one day someone treats her and/or her property as kind as she treated me and mine!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Karma Part 3 - Conflict between Karma and Christianity

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Growing up, my mom (a preschool teacher in a baptist preschool) used to always tell us these two things in regard to shaping our actions (either verbally or physically) :

1. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. This, obviously, has little to do with this blog (however we should all know how important it is to watch the tongue). (Mom, that was a forced effort to show you I can spell it right. Wait - let me spell check to make SURE it is right! haha)

2. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. I suppose as karma goes, this is about as close to it as you can get in the Christian religion.

For all my life, I've tried to do the right thing. This is not to say that I ALWAYS do the right thing, I'm just saying that I try. We are all sinners, I am no different. Sometimes my judgment is off - sometimes I'm mad, sometimes I'm hormonal, sometimes the devil takes over my thoughts. Either way, I've done my fair share of bad-deeds.

To gear this blog towards my last post, let me explain specifically to what I am referring... In the past when I've found money, I've always tried to return it to its owner OR give it to charity (if I could not find the owner). Several times, people have questioned my intention with this ritual (i.e. it's not your problem they gave you too much cash back - just keep it!) but ALWAYS I give it back.

Karma would say that one day, this favor would be returned to me. Thing is, though, to believe in karma is to believe in reincarnation (i.e. maybe the favor would not be returned in my life, but in one of my future lives). The Christian faith does not support the concept of reincarnation: Therefore, as a Christian, I do NOT believe in reincarnation. Subsequently, I cannot believe in karma.

"It's not your problem they gave you too much cash back - just keep it!"

One time as a passenger in a car, I ran into a store to pick up an item for someone else (the driver). The driver gave me one bill (cash), I didn't look at it, I just assumed it was a $20. The total was like $7 or so, and upon receiving my change of $3, I said "I gave you a $20!". The cashier disagreed, but eventually gave me an extra $10 in change. When I got to the car, I quickly asked the driver how much money she gave me - she said $10. So after declaring that I made a fool of myself, I declared that I had to return the extra change. She said "It's not your problem they gave you too much cash back - just keep it!" I felt differently - it was my problem. I returned the $10 anyway, apologizing profusely at my error. They were very grateful I was being honest... but really, could it be done any other way?

Karma Part 2 - What the Bible Says

I am the owner of my karma . I inherit my karma. I am born of my karma. I am related to my karma. I live supported by my karma. Whatever karma I create, whether good or evil, that I shall inherit." The Buddha, Anguttara Nikaya V.57 - Upajjhatthana Sutta

The concept of karma isn't just among the Hindu and Buddist...

The Bible conveys the similar ideas:

Galatians 6:7 - Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Matthew 7:12 - All things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do even so to them.

Karma Part 1 - Fixed Destiny?

This will be a 2 or 3 part blog... I've had an experience this weekend that made me wonder about karma (just like on "My Name Is Earl"). So, I've done a little internet research on just what IS karma...

Simply speaking, karma is supposed to a form of "cause and effect" (... NOT "what goes around, comes around" like many people think). Whatever you do now sets in motion other forces that eventually work for or against you. This being the case, the opposite then also becomes true. What is happening to you now is the resultant effect of something you did in the past. If you are in a good place, you did good things in the past. If you are in a bad place, you were bad. You and you alone are responsible for what happens to you in your life.

Karma is not necessarily in our lifetime as we know it... karma transcends birth and death and continues throughout time with the reincarnated human soul. So to believe in karma, you need to also believe in re-incarnation - the continued re-birth of the human soul. For example, the man who stole your promotion and bought the Porsche is indeed gonna get his. Maybe not while you are alive and ready to witness the long-overdue vindictive justice, but maybe in his next life. Aborted kids (or even children who fall victim to brain tumors, etc.) could have been gangsters and hoodlums in their past life who are finally getting the "Death Penalty" they manged to skip.

Karma isn't quite what I expected it to be. Similar to Newton's Law of physics ("What goes up must come down"), I think most people think karma is "what goes around comes around." Like... Traffic is bad today and the lane ends ahead sign has been posted for the past 3 miles. However, this idiot decided to race to the front. I suppose I will let this person in front of me before their lane ends - so maybe next time I don't heed the warnings, someone will let me in front of them.

Previous to this weekend, I think I believed in karma. Turns out, though, I don't believe in it at all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

eh, spoke too soon. (rather, blogged to soon.) at 7.30 this morning (when his next dose of motrin was due), kendal did not have a fever (so i didn't give him any meds). at 9.30 when he laid down for a nap, he still didn't have a fever. when he woke up (rather when we woke him up) from his nap at 11.30, his fever was 103.1. the highest its been yet. fortunately within an hour, motrin brought it down into the 100 range. by 1 he was ready for a nap. by 2 he was wide wake. motrin makes for short, restless naps.

no more flu!

after 3 days of fever (up to 102.5 without any motrin), kendal has finally broken free of the sick. yay! i hope this means that he will develop his immunity to the flu strains provided in this year's vaccine... the CDC recommends first time vaccination recievers get a booster in 4 weeks. lordy i don't want him to be sick for 3 more days when i'm due... his 15 month check up is dec 15th... which is when he'd get the 2nd shot. of coarse, that is 3 days before my due date. who knows... maybe holly will come early and i won't even get to take him! (mamaw!) who knows, though... maybe the doctor will be out of stock by then!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


my son appears to be practicing what could be a bad addiction! ever since last week, he gags himself constantly... i have to divert his attention to make him stop. he has yet to vomit.

Friday, November 14, 2008

anyone feel like life is treating you unfairly? or like maybe you just don't have enough time to do all that you want? or maybe you feel like the winter darkness or rainy days are getting you down... here is a reality check for you. really. click here and read for yourself.

nesting - round 2

kendal is still sick this morning. had a fever when he woke up, its gone down now but he's rather inconsolable this morning. he wants to do nothing, doesn't want to be put down, doesn't want to be held - this will pass, i know, and i have not yet lost my patience with him. i understand he just doesn't feel good. i certainly know what it feels like to have achy skin and a roaring headache! yesterday was just an extension of the nesting that has started for this baby. my oh my, i can't even sleep at night for all the things i keep remembering i want to do. unfortunately, today it is raining so the painting will have to wait (spray painting some furniture, got to be outside for ventilation) - plus with a sick baby i can't do much anyway. i suppose there is more to that statement ("i can't do much anyway") - this baby is very low, has been from the start. this creates some uncomfortable pressure on my pelvic region, not to mention the back-aches from having a posture change to compensate for the extra weight... and the hip disjointing from a combination of relaxin and a poorly formed hip socket. but hey, at least i'm not wearing compression hose to control the swelling in my legs when it is 105 degrees like last summer!!! last week i was having so much pain that when i went in for my 2 week checkup, i asked the dr about it - should i be worried that i have pains similar to labor that never stop? (not cyclic like labor.) she educated me on what was going on... said "pelvic, back, and hip pain are common complaints among mothers who have their children close together" which in my head reminded me of the time she said to me "your uterus is stretched because you're having kids so close together." ok - so i'm having 2 close together. lots of people do it. plus i'm 33. its not like i have the next 10 years to have babies. i've discovered that a heating pad (including the non-electric type you put around your waist - thermocare i think is their brand name) really help with the back pain. the doctor recommended for me a "prenatal cradle" (belly bra) which looks like a woman-sized jock strap for the belly (rather than the man junk). funny looking contraption, but if it helps support my belly (and take that pressure off of my pelvic bone), its worth the $60 they cost to buy. i haven't ordered one yet, but i suppose i should give it a try. yesterday my belly didn't hurt so bad (my back took all the aching) even after a day of nesting. so today in lieu of working hard on my feet, i've decided that i'll search the internet world to find something else to paint to put on the walls in holly's room. not a mural, i'm looking more of a little girlish canvas collection, very simple, very easy - we'll see what i find. her mobile is princess and frog, mom mentioned fairies yesterday - we'll see what i can come up with. just no flowers. got enough of them!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

had a call about 2:30 from the daycare, kendal had a 101.6 degree fever. yesterday he got a flu shot. guess they make him sick. (mine didn't make me sick this year, but my arm sure did hurt!) anyway, i called nathaniel and he got kendal and brought him home. good thing i bought some infant motrin today... had to call the doctor to check the dosage though. anyway, all day today i worked on holly's room. i'm not done yet... waiting on a dresser from dad (he is staining it dark), plus i'm going to paint the changing table to match her room. (eh, if i ruin it - i don't care. it was a cheapo from target anyway.) i did get the curtians hung, plus the crib put together (not the frame, nathaniel did that - i just had to iron the skirt, etc. and assemble the pretty parts of it). so now she had a bed, and a cradle, all covered in soft pink fabrics! so back to my story. when k got home from school, i just sat him in her crib while i kept working. gave him a barbie keyboard that mom gave me like 2 or 3 years ago. he really liked playing with it - when i hit one of the buttons to make the background beat - he danced every time. it was so cute that i got out the camera to take videos of it - here are 2 - he is funny in both of them, but also it is your sneak peak to holly's room! sorry but from the angle it is hard to see him dancing, but trust me - he is doing it! PS - it is 6:15 now and his fever is gone. motrin worked!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

early christmas from XM

this morning on our way out, we listened to christmas music!!! yay!!! and no, i'm not naming my child for a radio station. however, i do love 'holly' - both the unborn baby and music station!!!


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