Saturday, March 20, 2010

organic alternative to fruit loops

i finally found a comparable cereal to fruit loops. (i went to whole foods yesterday... lowes foods sometimes has a decent organic foods section - and i know the food lion in youngsville has a good organic section, they have some of the cascadian farms cereals that i'm about to discuss AND even the ah!laska chocolate syrup which is also really yummy)

my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit loops.  they rarely ever eat it because it is so packed with sugar.  it is more like a snack - treat snack - than a cereal (ok, well sometimes they get fruit loops on the weekends - when their daddy spoils them - and i'm ok with that).

anyway, fruit loops is not only loaded with sugar but it is also loaded with tons of other bad stuff like artificial dyes and preservatives (i.e. BHA/BHT - incidentally that link is just the first one that popped up with i typed in BHT, i didn't have to look far to find what is wrong about BHT - and artificial food dyes - and MSG, fake sweeteners, etc.)

ok, off soapbox.  so, anyway, at whole foods yesterday they had two types of fruity-ohs that i've never seen before.  one was the 365 brand (the whole foods brand) and the other was cascadian farm's brand.  i bought both and i'm glad i did.  the whole foods brand was $3.29 for 10 oz. and cascadian farm was 4.99 for 11 oz.  they have similar ingredients just in different order, similar nutritional value - except the cascadian farm has some fiber (3 or 5g/serving, i can't remember which, the 365 brand had <1).  taste wise they are both sweet, but the 365 one is gross - it has little fruit flavor and is mushy - i would think that in milk it would get soggy pretty quick.  it is more grainy (corn meal based) and overall i didn't like it at all.  the cascadian farms one was AWESOME.  not really like fruit loops flavor or color (not as vibrant, but they are naturally colored so no dyes to make them bright purple and blue and green...) - they taste more like trix.  i liked them, and so do the kids.

i ended up mixing both boxes of cereal together in my sealed container because otherwise the 365 box would never get eaten.

anyway, next time you see the cascadian farms fruity-ohs, you should give them a try.  we also like their clifford cereal too.  (and when i say "we", i mean the grown-ups too.)  its sorta like alphabets cereal, just with different shapes.


  1. Thank you very much for this post. I am looking for a healthy alternative to Fruit Loops and this helps.

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