Saturday, March 20, 2010

funny thing mom said to me today

i was taking pictures of holly (i'll post them later) and mom said to me, "remember those pictures i took of you smelling the roses? i found them, do you want them?  you could put them in holly's room and it'd be cute since she looks just like you."

i thought that was funny.  mom even said today that she laughed like faith (she does!) 

we planted potatoes today, it was so much fun - didn't think planting anything would ever be so pleasant.  guess the dirt was dry enough and the air was just right too.  kendal even got his hands dirty and walked on the un-even, squishy dirt in the garden.  soon as i find my camera and upload the pictures, i'll post them. 

and, by the way, the reason for SOOO many blogs is because i'm trying to stop using facebook so much. i actually intend to stop using it altogether (except to just be able to contact people, not to actually "post" things so to speak).  i've gotten quite annoyed here lately with people (or is it me?) thus i just think i should step away for a while.

anyway, if you want to know what i'm up to or what is on my mind, you'll have to look here from now own.  i'll be posting all kendal's funny sayings and holly's cute-isms on here!  :)

feel free to comment using the anonymous person thingy - you don't have to join anything to say anything.  you can leave your name in your comment if you want, or not.  i can delete anything or you can delete your own (if you decide later that you don't want it to be shown).

okay!  that's it.  blogger:  here i am.  facebook:  ciao! (well, except to chat with my cloth diaper and/or camera friends... i'm still learning about both!)

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  1. I gave up Facebook for Lent. So, I has been almost a month since I've been on there. It is amazing how much more time I have during the day. I was finding myself jumping from person to person -- really just to be nosy! I have missed a few things -- some of my friends only 'invite' for events on there. Now everybody knows and it is okay. Good luck. It really is like an addiction. Cold turkey was definitely best. (Note... I've also been blogging more :-))



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