Monday, March 22, 2010

food allergies

how do you determine what you're allergic to for FREE?
by testing it yourself.
i found a great website that explains how.  i think we may do it here - with the kids.  we have such random days of crazyness (like the terrible-twos aren't consistent, i've been curious if the behaviour is more food related than age related) that i may do it myself.

melissa - katelyn - mom - i encourage you to do it  too!  ya'll are always talking about how you (or someone) can't eat this or can't eat that because it upsets your (or their) stomach.  well, maybe you are allergic/intolerance/sensitivity.  maybe it isn't that and it is something IN it.  this is the best way to determine it!  FOOD LOG!

(also is great way to determine what is a migraine trigger!)

ok so i want to know results!  and, i know it takes a few months so my label for this post will be both ALLERGY and FOOD!  you can remember those pretty easily!

melissa - this should have you hooked:
"The best known of allergy tests is the scratch test, which identifies the typical IgE antibody-mediated reactions. However, over 80% of food reactions do not involve IgE. If your body produces an IgE antibody as a defense against a substance, the allergy can easily be diagnosed with a skin scratch test. In fact, there are four other types of antibodies; IgG, IgM, IgA, and IgD. Any one of them may be involved in your reactions to foods but an intolerance involving these antibiodies will not be identified using the standard scratch test."  may explain why josh and sam are "not allergic" to milk yet when you give them milk it causes runny poop!

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