Monday, March 1, 2010

the running bag total 28

bag 22:  crap from under the kids sink, most of it was stuff from the hospital after labor - like those cold packs they give you to put in your underpants, and the lidocane spray... and the biodegradable wipes.
bag 23:  one bag towels donated to safe space - these from under the kids sink!  i still haven't hit the linen closet!
bag 24:  clothes donated to safe space (fall/winter clothes that i don't wear or that are stained that i can't get out or that have paint on them OR THAT ARE MATERNITY CLOTHES THAT I JUST NEED TO PART FROM AND QUIT WEARING!  they are so comfy...) 
bag 25:  shoes donated to safe space
bag 26:  some random glass things donated to safe space "sit around" things..., candles, things like that
box 27:  candle sconces that i've not put up in the past 2 places i've lived... i like them, but i'm not going to use them.  may as well get rid of them.  i mean really.  they are candles.  candles and kids are NOT a mix, i guess.  unless the candles are on a cake or on a high surface and practically NOT visible.  :)
box 28: this one kinda doubles since it was a random box in our closet - i saved it from the dumpster by packing it with the sconces.  i'm counting it because it WAS clutter. 

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