Friday, March 26, 2010

grandma's birthday

not sure what year she was born, but today - a long time ago - my grandma was born. 

interesting things in this picture:

1. right above her head is an orange vase.  i have that vase.  anyone who has used the upstairs guest bathroom has seen it.  she gave it to me when i was living in washington, which means it was right before she got sick and died because that was the mid 2000s.  we were in her house and she was in the "middle bedroom" which was a junk room at that point (now it has been remodeled in to a bathroom) and i said "what a pretty vase" and she said "well you can have it!"

2.  above her right shoulder is a picture of dad, mom, and me.  and, that's it.  mom isn't pregnant looking, and i appear to be in the 1 year range.  since grandma is opening a christmas present, the date of it must be december 25, 1976.

3. change the hair and clothes and glasses and you can call her aunt melody.  it is amazing how much they look just alike.  that smile...  aunt melody has her smile too. 

4. which means change the hair and clothes and glasses and add 30 years to it and you'll probably have melissa!

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