Tuesday, March 30, 2010

opposite day

usually at 1 i put holly in the crib to start the napping process.  usually kendal gets a half-hour to an hour of quiet play (reading books, coloring, etc.) before i make him lay down too.

today, though, he marched straight from her room into his room and crawled into his bed.  he said "kendal tired" and that was all it took. (we've been outside for 2 hours... i guess that just wore him out!)

kendal is fast asleep and holly is still awake, its been 30 minutes since they laid down.  i can hear holly rattling her crib (which means she is standing up).  i've already laid her down 3 times.

is today opposite day and i didn't get the notice?


1 comment:

  1. Man, I wish it was opposite day... 'Opposite day', meaning in this case for me a weekday where work and pulling out what little hair I have left doesn't exist, doesn't come until Friday... ;) I just want to take a nap also...



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