Saturday, March 27, 2010

sunny leigh

last night i was spending some "me" time walking around the mall (among other places, like whole foods where i bought the ingredients to buy the kids' stuff to get the wipes wet now that we are using cloth wipes which, incidentally, smells SOOOO good and is 100% organic and natural and contains none of the harmful stuff like SLS or glycerin which holly seems to be sensitive to and i know that because i made it myself, in a small batch so i can keep it fresh.)

anyway, while i was at belk's, they had a lot of those 50% off racks and then the "additional 25% off the sticker" tags on that.  now, i'm not #1 a sale rack shopper, for one, or #2 a big last-season save it for next-season shopper but kate is getting married and i have  few things to dress up for this spring.  i mean, since i've had kids, i think i can count on one hand the reason i've needed something "dressy" and even that was sorta casual (our neice's baptism) and well, lets just say i'm a lot different in size and shape thanks for the miracle of childbirth (and so are my feet).  so, my closet is a bit depeleted when it comes to anything dressy or "cute" (however, is abundant in comfort - i think i have like 3 pairs of yoga pants now, which i rotate wearing since i have to do laundry every 3 days!)

ANYWAY, i looked on the sale racks and decided to try on a skirt like i see a lot of people wearing now, and i grabbed a few tops and a sweater/shrug also.  they were transitional type pieces (the skirt wasn't on sale except for the standard 25% off).  nothing fit. 

but, i know this is gonna sound weird, but i have a rule with myself that if there are clothes already hanging in the room and they are my size, i'll try on one thing (like a shirt or something).  well yesterday, the rooms were packed with leftover clothes and the one i picked (the first one i got to that was empty) was full of my size clothes.

lucky me.  the person who was in there before me had great taste in clothes.  it was like stuff i would have picked out had i been a little braver in fashion.  you know what i mean?  so anyway, there was this one black jacket (after i swore not to buy anything else black) that was all ruffley  with 3/4 length sleeves and a lot of elastic around the waist and on the back in strange places - but i decided that THAT would be what i would try on (from the "rack").  it looked interesting enough.

IT FIT!  like a glove.  like it was made for me. 

i was floored.  still, not knowing the price, i toyed with the collar (it was a bit flopped to the side because this jacket was not hung up right and got "bent") - anyway, the price was, well, it made me choke.

i said to myself "well, if it is half price, i'll buy it" (which was still a lot (considering i hadn't really planned on spending anything) but technically i haven't a black jacket and the black sweater i had was really picked and this would be a good replacement, and i'm sure it'd last a long long time.

so, naturally, it was 50% off.  they were on the highest rack (that i couldn't reach) but at that point i decided that i would only buy it IF there was another one in my size (thus not having to get one with a funky collar).  and since i couldn't reach them, i picked up another jacket that was flowered and had a flat collar (the same elastic gathers).  i tried it on and it looked awful.  so, back to the rack - and anyway, they did have my size.

so, i got a new black jacket.  i showed it to mom and kate and they agreed that it looked awesome.  even dad agreed. 

this picture doesn't do it justice...  you can't even see the ruffles!  and this girl has no shape.  this jacket was made for someone with a figure.

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