Monday, March 1, 2010

the tutu resurfaces

when i was cleaning out holly's closet, i got all the way back to the tutu i made her last easter.  remember those pictures?  she was so cute in it.  there is actually one of her on her wall (a picture of her in the tutu at 3 months old...)

so i put it back on her.  she was a little weird about it at first but once she looked in the mirror, well, her x gene came out full force.  she danced and kept her hands moving all around.  it is funny how even at 14 months she knows how to dance like a ballerina! (yes, we are still wearing christmas PJs!)

here are some pictures of her in it... and then kendal wanted his picture taken too.  i told him to smile and here's what i got.  not smiles.  he had his monster pose on.  guess that is what a 2 year old thinks is a smile!

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