Monday, March 1, 2010

monday nap crayon mystery

kendal was sleeping and i went in his room to get an extra night-time diaper.
i noticed on the floor that all the crayons were lined up. (second photo is zoomed in of first...)

reminded me of the book tower from ghostbusters.

what does that say about my son??? cause i know he did it.
he does that to the cars too.
and the magnets on the fridge.
and his chicken nuggets.
and the spoons.
and the cups in the play kitchen.

i'm not worried because he is a GREAT pretender.  and, he is a good talker and he looks me in the eye when he does it.
his newest word is "broken" except his K is pronounced like QUO (so it sounds like bwo-qwoin).  he's discovering new sounds... it is adorable.

incidentally, about the crayons, at about 18 months, he used to line them up by color.  rainbow-ish.  but, not roy-g-biv.  just whatever he started with he'd grade into the next and so on.  i woud never have believed it if i didn't see it with my own eyes.  i used to move one and he'd get mad.

he used to line trucks up front to back.  i'd switch them around and that'd set him off too.
  anyway, got to finish packin'....


  1. At Gabe's 3 year appt. this came up in our discussion. The Dr. said that boys are way more prone to this behavior than girls. Gabe went through this phase, and still does it to some extent. Remember the picture of him lining up the couch pillows? At Christmas he would line up the Rudolph characters, and his personal favorite is lining up his Transformer magnets. Whatever floats his boat!

  2. That family OCD thing. Apparently, J lines up her toys, too.

    Next up. Wiping out the kitchen sink :-)

  3. Wow....these I would call as signs of an intelligent mind. Logic, planning, decisions, good management are some key areas where i think he'd be remarkable when he grows up !!




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