Monday, March 1, 2010

10 minute break

i'm going to take 10 minutes and break - write.
i'm packing.
packing bags to take to goodwill, trash, and florida.
i'm also washing clothes.

the kids are playing, very well this morning.  TVs are all off, and i'm pleasantly surprised to see it is only 8:40.  i've already showered which is unheard of.  i got some new cereal for the children - some clifford organic stuff since i can't find any stupid fruit ring type stuff that is sans BHT and, well, this is sweetened and all "hippy" as i call it in my head when i'm shopping.  they liked it.  kendal was a little apprehensive at first but i pointed out there were little fish in it - i'm not sure why it was called clifford cereal because i didn't see any dogs.  there were "x"s in it - maybe they were supposed to be feet, but there were tree looking things and that was all i could recognize.  maybe later i'll look at the box.

they are still loving their christmas toys.  they play most with the kitchen.  it seems like 50% of upstairs time is spent in the kitchen.  and if i clean up that room, then that % time increases.  the love it clean so they can mess it up again.  kendal stays "kendal cooking".  he also loves to walk around with the pot holders on.  and, for whatever reason, i still get the yogurt.  even holly brought it to me this morning.  she still gets the waffles. 

the buildaroad is officially destroyed right now, holly-kong destroyed the bridges so the cars can't crash anymore.  i need to put that back together.  and add some more bridges since we now have 3 sets of roads and bridges thanks to broken cars and tookie's toys (and katelyn, obviously)!

P-U somebody pooped!

holly is walking around with the guitar tuner.
this weekend, kendal wanted to play the guitar (the BIG guitar) which ended up me teaching nathaniel 3 chords on the mandolin and insisting he playing them right handed - which meant he could not upstroke anything - so everything was played with only one monotonous rhythm.  he sang one song (can't remember what it was...) over and over and it was BAAAAADDDD (sorry honey) but he did play those 3 notes pretty good.

so all i have left to do to day is wash the sheets (after the load in the dryer gets dry, the washer load can dry and the sheets can to in the wash...), and then the packing can start (well, after the washer load is dry...) - i figure i can do that when the kids are sleeping.  i guess we'll be leaving on tuesday around lunch.  trying to beat the snow, or at least drive away when it gets here so we don't have to worry about it piling up on us.

ok well its been 10 minutes now and my break is over.  plus my skin is peeling off from the smell of this poopy diaper...  NOT IT!

too bad i'm the only one home to change it.

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