Saturday, March 27, 2010

the running bag total 32

you didn't think i'd forgotten, did you?

bags 29 - 30 clothes with holes and towels with bleach spots.
"bag" 31 was the rainforest mat that i sold on ebay.  this one made me sad because both kids used it and i still remember getting it at my first baby shower (amy and mark, along with the tub - which i still have).  my kids sure loved that mat.  and the lady said "it is in such great condition!" to which i replied "well, they just lay on it!"  but, now that i think about it, they did more than lay on it!  they both learned to kick and grab and shake and kendal learned to admire himself in the mirror...  it was the perfect baby "toy."

while i was waiting to meet the lady from craigslist who wanted to buy it (the rainforest mat, she got stuck in i40 traffic), i was going through my phone deleting pictures. guess which one almost made me cry!

(taken march 15th, 2009 - holly was 3 months old - look how bald she was!)

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