Tuesday, July 27, 2010

women's sizes

most everyone knows that at the beginning of the year, we made a lifestyle change (i.e. diet?) and both nathaniel and i have lost weight.  around april or may, i stepped it up a notch and eliminated meat from my diet and also did a major liver/gallbladder and colon detox (both herbal, obviously).  this gave my weightloss a boost and around the end of june, i reached a loss of 25 pounds (depending on what you consider my start weight...  nathaniel says i started at more than what i consider my start weight, so he thinks i lost more than that, he thinks it is ~30 ).

so for the past few weeks, anyway, i've been sitting at the same weight or +2.  i decided to do the liver detox again while mamaw was gone to missouri (sometimes i think mamaw's food is what gets me fat! it is so dang good...)  i haven't weight myself this week but i am intentionally going to avoid the scale until next week.

SO anyway, i was just thinking about and discussing the fall and money with nathaniel  thankfully, unemployment was reinstated (still waiting to hear from and hoping for good news from the last job i interviewed for...).  we're down to just 1 car now (eliminated both the car payment, the car tax, car insurance, and extra gas) and we also turned off our direct TV (we don't need satallite, right?).  after the new year we'll be able to turn off (yes turn OFF!) our cell phones.  that'll save us a ton right there!  of coarse we'll have to get long distance on our house phone, but that'll still be cheaper than our cell phones.  nathaniel loves saving money so this just makes him so happy i know.  in the mean time, i get to sit at home with no cable.  hahahaha (only dora movies to watch... or, i can just blog during nap since there isn't any TV to watch. like now!)

so anyway back to my original point.  this fall, none of my clothes are going to fit.  i hate to admit this, but last fall (and even this past spring), i was a size 16/18.  yesterday, the kids and i walked over to kohls when we went to the grocery store to get a pair of non-jean pants for myself since i had none and i can't wear jeans to work. a skirt would have never made it last night since i was bending and squatting and lifting and climbing... it was "new line" night and i had the most fun working.  i always have a great time there at gymboree.  too bad they only work me 5 or 6 hours a week!

i tried on a 14 first (out of habit) and i could have jumped out of them.  i haven't tried on pants in SO long there really was that much difference.  i really don't think you can look at me and tell it - mainly because i still wear my old shirts (oversized...) but when i put on clothes that actually fit me, i look like my old, pre-pregnant self (i've never been skinny)!  well, i guess i still have a little extra belly where my skin stretched during the pregnancy but that's not a problem,  just my little reminder of the two most important things in my life.

so i grabbed a size 12 and bought them without trying them on.  they fit pretty good last night.  now that i've been wearing them (today) though, they are a little loose.  can you believe that?   from a size 16/18 to a size 12... and still loosing hopefully!

and this is without adding exercise!  i'm waiting until the fall for that.  i hope to run again.  no way could i have run with all this weight on my bones.  i had to loose some so i could do it again.  i'm gonna wait for the sweet potatoes to come in so i can eat them and run like i used to.  those beauregard sweet potatoes that marlene used to bring me helped me run 5 to 6 miles back in washington... those things were made of pure running fuel!  i would never even break a sweat.  of coarse our hills will impede me, but, i'll have to get used to them.  damn hills.

OOOH no more degrassi.  i'm gonna go through withdrawals.....


  1. If you are interested... I have a bag full of clothes that I wore last April to Disney (sizes 10&12) that I can't wear. I was going to give them to Goodwill, but will send them home with mom and dad, if you want them. If you don't want them, just donate them. Nothing too fancy, but good 'wear around the house with the kids' clothes. Let me know.



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