Sunday, July 4, 2010

july 4th plans and other random notes...

1.  i made the best scones for today's party - pizza scones, though they are shaped more like biscuits than scones.  i needed more than 8, so i used a wine glass to cut them rather than folding them into triangles.  we're going to duncan's for a pool party today and i just can't wait.  they have a saline pool (heated saline pool) and it is the best thing ever - better than the ocean because you can see through it and no fish and sharks.  ah, i can't wait!!!  i'll post the recipe for the scones later.  it was SUPER easy.

2.  kendal still has spots though he is strep free.  one more day of antibiotics.  though they've both been doing well with taking their medicine this time (holly has to take it twice a day), they still both do NOT like taking medicine.  it has been a hard 9 days so far. 

3.  since unemployment was not extended (and i still don't have a job - and, by the way, ed still doesn't have any sizable work), we had to sell one of our cars yesterday.  so, now we just have 1.  we'll see how that works, not that we have a choice about it.  fortunately, we didn't loose any money on the deal.  acadias are "selling like hotcakes" so we got a good buy-back on it.  shopping around (for someone to buy it from us) paid off.  we actually had dealers (sorta) bidding on it. (and when i say sorta, the last place we went - which is where we bought it - outbid the highest bid from all the other places so we just left it there.  they were happy to get it!)  it was a nice car and if we ever can afford another one, i'd definitely buy it again.

4.  nathaniel went to 3 baseball games in 3 night.  kendal went to 2 baseball games in 2 nights. i went to 2 baseball games in 3 nights. holly went to just 1.

5.  my kids are terrified of fireworks.  kendal especially.  i think holly may have been ok if she hadn't seen kendal's reaction.  he had a similar reaction like when the big-heads are around.  (big-heads:  mascots, easter bunny, etc.)  he went into a full blown claw-our-skin-off panic. even in the car it didn't make it better. it set him off so bad (into a screaming rage/fit/terror) that during and after it, he screamed for 2 hours and 15 minutes (1 hour of it was in his bed).  he finally went to sleep out of exhaustion.  i felt horrible for him but he wouldn't even let us touch him.  (at the mudcats stadium, they have to block traffic so we couldn't leave the parking lot.  the fireworks were directly overhead and CLOSE - apparently too close for kendal.  and, they lasted about 30 minutes - and then it took an hour to get out of the parking lot.  he did great at the game, but it was the after-game part that was horrible.  wish we had left before the game was over.  never again will we see fireworks that close!

6.  got a TON of stuff to sale at the kids exchange!  now i gotta tag it... and, borrow a car to take it over to raleigh.  :(  can't wait to make some money off our gently used stuff!

7. holly loves blueberries.  by the handful.  if you want some, they are RIPE.  come pick them! early morning is best (you have some shade...). 


  1. Missed you yesterday at Jon and Shannon's. Sorry to hear about your car. Plugging for you!!!!!


  2. Kendal and his fear of the fireworks reminds me of Sarah when she was a little girl. She reacted much the same way to fireworks although it sounds like Kendal is even more afraid (which I thought impossible). We eventually gave up even trying to see them as she was growing up. She is 23 now and came to watch the Washington fireworks from the sailboat with us this year. I couldn't help but lean over and ask her when she stopped being afraid of fireworks. She very well remembered her childhood fear of them and took my joking pretty well. TS.



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