Friday, July 23, 2010

purple fringe

we got a new line at work that had a pair of purple fringe cow[girl] boots.  they absolutely adorable.  turns out this weekend is employee appreciation weekend (mega-discount!).  SO... i got holly the boots.  needless to say, she loves them.

kendal went with me this morning to gymboree to shop (after his haircut in the morning - he got his first buzz-cut) so he got to pick himself out a couple of size 3T shirts since his size 2T shirts are suddenly all too small.  you can tell in this picture how short this one is.  it is also a bit snug around the middle.  it'd be OK to wear unbuttoned but, well, i didn't plan on that today so he's just worn a tight shirt all day. :)  anyway, i'm hoping that these 3Ts will last until next spring/summer.  holly also just out-grew her spring/early summer clothes but i'm guessing next year when she's in a 2T she won't outgrow anything summer-wise.

and so i know these 2 pictures are blurry, but they were running at me so fast that i couldn't focus.  but, they are too funny not  to post (or delete).  the one of holly - she decorated herself all by herself, hairband, [kendal's sun]glasses, bracelet and all.  kendal, well he was just having a good old time!  holly was in my lap and he was running to sit in her lap.  they were both laughing loud as can be.

 update (9:08 pm):  had to PEEL the boots off holly to give her a bath.  after the bath, she insisted they go back on her first (i.e., before the diaper).  so now she's up past her bedtime (kendal is super-into the goonies so i'm not gonna interrupt him, it is almost over, i keep fast forwarding through scenes to make it over faster) and she's reading books while sporting the cute little boots.  she's climbed on the couch, walked over toys, you name it - all in the boots.  guess she will want them first thing in the morning!  (i actually wondered if she'd insist on sleeping in them!  haha!)

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