Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i served the king of england

i just finished watching the movie "radio" and it was quite different than i expected.  i've wanted to watch it since it came out on netflix (back then i got netflix - and had time to watch movies).  tonight i'm oddly restless and, anyway, this movie got my attention.  well, this movie and those lasagna rolls - of which i've eaten 5 of them today.  YUM!

anyway, after watching RADIO i decided to come to my computer to see if i could find the name of a movie i watched a few nights ago.  (we're getting a long set of movie channels for free right now - encore and starz, so i've been watching a few here and there.) 

i DID find it and the movie is called i served the king of england  (obsluhoval jsem anglickeho krale).  i have NO idea how to pronounce that!  :)  click on the link to read the NY times write up about it

it is a czech republic film that was set in the late 20s (during WWII).  i didn't see the beginning of it but my LOVE for foreign films caused me to start watching it, and the wonderful cinematography and humor caused me to keep watching it.  the cinematography and production reminded me of russian ark - i guess the lighting and the elaborate set designs -  oh and the costumes!  well, they were just phenomenal!  i'm surprised it didn't get nominated for the foreign language academy award (i see on the movie picture it was the "official czech entry" but guess it didn't win a nomination.  guess there were a lot of other great films from other countries in 2008!) 

there was quite a bit of nudity in it, but it was "european" nudity (as i call it), not american nudity (which is the whole pumped-up boobs - more erotica style stuff).  european nudity is more just people comfortable in their skin, not really meant to be "sexy" IMO.  plus this was supposed to be representing the 20s and 30s - and their "sexy" women (prostitutes) were dressed to be sexy for the times.  the nudity was separate, not sexy.

but, the humor was really good.  i didn't laugh outloud, it was more like watching a combination of one of those silent movies and a satire at the same time.  just such an interesting movie... you've gotta try and see it if you can.  my mom would hate it, but if you like "different" movies, you'd like this one.

incidentally, the movie was based on a book!  i don't think i'd want to read it though.  the movie was too funny and interesting to watch.

so, anyway, i recommend this movie!  and, RADIO if you haven't seen it yet!

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