Thursday, July 1, 2010

kitty edits

was just admiring this picture - the way i took it was by setting up a "fake" cat out of kid toys on the rail.  i propped my camera and focused on it, and then set the 8 second timer - grabbed kitty, and put her where the toys were.  you can see the clothes pin in some of the pictures (which let me know where to put her).  anyway, here is the original image.

here is the cropped image.  the camera was pretty much stuck where it was since the rail couldn't move.  so, i couldn't get her better centered.  i feel lucky to have gotten what i got!  here is the color correction and then the burnt edge:

here is a desat and a burnt edge:

how about some fun stuff!  charcoal and chalk:

glowing edges:

and the weirdest one of all, plastic wrap!:

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