Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dragonfly reflection card [cased]

i cased a zindorf card (her original and tutorial is here) tonight.  i picked this one because i had access dragonfly stamp in a set that i borrowed from connie, a lady in my club.  plus, it looked easy and since this month in club will be "brayer technique month", i thought i needed to brush up on my brayering.  SO, i practiced with this card since michelle zindorf created this card and had such a great tutorial for it... 

for those of you who are like "who's michelle zindorf?"  she is to brayering in the art of stamping like michael phelps is to the butterfly stroke in the sport of swimming.  if there were gold medals to be won, she'd have them all!!!

i think that i picked this particular card of hers because, for some reason, i thought my sister in law (amy) would like this one. amy, do you like dragonflies?  if not, i wonder where i got that from!

i've already mentioned that i always... make... things... in... pairs.  so, i made two, of coarse!  make sure you look at the original card to compare how mine looks.  not as cool as hers ( i didn't have anything to border it with, so i just improvised with a smear of ink directly from the pad).  i also used a little different colors.  same scheme, though.

incidentally, our official "brayer technique card" will be another zindorf card.  well, a version of it.  but since i KNOW my clubbers check my blog (some of them anyway), i'll not say which one and leave it a surprise.  the only hint(s) i'll give is that it uses a stamp that we (i) use a lot, i didn't have to buy much of anything for it (except a lot of embossing powder since we always seem to plow through that stuff at club meetings!), and it'd be really easy to make a halloween card using it!!!  or, a christmas card... just have to use your creativity with the colors!  my next purchase will be a color coach.  i'm in desperate need of color help (prepare for subject change) in both the stamping world and my wardrobe.  :)  i think this fall i'm just gonna buy black and gray.  can i pull off monotone?

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