Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Uncle Matt's Orange Juice

on my last trip to whole foods, i bought a container of Uncle Matt's Orange Juice.  naturally, i got the pulp free version but they did have the other kinds.  (i think i established that i was a minority on my pulp-free passion... but, just so you know, i have tried the with-pulp version since that poll and i still prefer it smooth and junk-free.)

anyway, this is the best OJ i've ever had (well, next to what i juice myself).  i've tried a lot of OJs too and i guess i'm not that picky on what i drink but i am picky about what i buy.  (i.e., i prefer to buy NONE than something bad.  and, a high price does not dictate good OJ!)  this OJ was not super high - it was not the most expensive they had at WF - but it was not the cheapest either.  i guess i got it because #1 i liked the name, and #2 i liked that i could see it and since i could see it i could see that it was a thick, dark, rich looking orange color.  since i juice my own oranges most of the time, i know what real oranges look like when they are juiced.  and, #3, well, the price was reasonable considering i don't like the "cheap" orange juices (i like them ok, but i don't like them enough to buy them). 

so, anyway, the last time i bought OJ on a whem like this i regretted it.  it was an organic juice from lowes foods (can't remember the brand) but it wasn't good.  not very sweet and sort of on the bitter side.  this OJ, though - UNCLE MATT'S OJ - it was REALLY sweet and very thick and not watery at all.  YUM.  it tasted so thick it was almost milky.  do you know what i'm talking about?  sorta like a dreamsicle without the frozen part. 

anyway, i urge everyone to get a container of it next time you are at whole foods.  or, stop by WF just for that.  it is in the dairy section like by the milk.  i'm sure it is sold elsewhere but this is the first time i've seen it.

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