Thursday, July 29, 2010

wild mushroom and stilton galette

amy sent me a recipe for THIS galette and i linked from there to the wild mushroom and stilton one on her blog from that day.  as soon as i read those words my mouth watered.  i LOVE mushrooms and i LOVE blue cheese.  especially stilton, it is my favorite.

so, i tried it.  it wasn't as hard i thought it'd be (i was expecting worse after reading the smitten kitchen blog) but the frozen butter did bend my pastry knife (i just dumped it into the food processor instead) and my dough didn't turn out as pretty as hers.  i'm not a very patient pastry maker.  that is probably why my biscuits never turn out right either.  my crust was good - awesome flavor - but not as flaky as i expected.  i also had to add more water because i couldn't get all the flour to get into the ball.  eh, i made it work.

SO anyway, the mushrooms weren't anything fancy, i was limited to only what they had at lowes foods (which is just "normal" wild mushrooms) and i also didn't let the dried ones soak for 30 minutes.  within 15 minutes they were cooled and hydrated.

the rest is history.  when it was baking, a lot of the butter ran off the pan so i had to have a drip pan underneath the one that it was cooking on.  it was really messy while it was cooking...

but WELL worth the mess.

the smell in my house was so yummy.  it smelled like fall.  the warmth of the herbs and the richness of the butter and cheese and 'shrooms.  oh man oh man oh man.  it was all i could do to wait to eat it.

but i did and i had 2 pieces.  nathaniel had 1.  it was really rich.  very filling, and very tasty.  it'd be a great side-dish for a steak or an appetizer just a "light" heavy dinner.  (i.e., just a couple of pieces and you're full, but you really don't eat that much but you DO get plenty of fat when you eat it... remember, there is over  stick of butter in that thing!).  and, i did an eggwash on the crust which she didn't do.  either way mine was u-g-l-y (and totally has no alibi)!

so, here are my pictures.  if you want the recipe and a better "what to aim for" idea, then please visit the original website!!!


  1. I could have ate that whole crust!

  2. I love smitten kitchen. Everything always looks so yummy and always is when ever i attempt to make something.



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