Wednesday, July 21, 2010

uncle matt's OJ part 2

just to reiterate how good uncle matt's OJ is...

#1.  at dinner when i pour myself a glass of OJ, the kids wont eat until MY cup of juice is gone (which means they helped me drink it.  i have to get a straw and share it before they will, literally, eat any of their own food).

#2.  this morning i asked kendal and holly if they wanted juice or chocolate milk for breakfast (with their cereal).  at that point, kendal decided he wanted to choose his cup (since his favorite green one was dirty, his normal morning rhythm was thrown off because of that...)

so in the mean time i got out the with-pulp (trying it! and it is actually pretty good, not too much of the stringy stuff, but i still prefer it smooth and sans-pulp) OJ for myself (the kids have a container of with calcium and vitD for them). so after the cups were chosen, i asked them again if they wanted "juice or chocolate milk?"  when they saw MY container of OJ on the bar, they both screamed JUICE!!!!!!!!!  now really, what kids pick juice over chocolate milk? 

i'm telling ya, it is some good OJ!  and i think this proves my kids concur!

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