Sunday, July 4, 2010

sparkler fun!

oh boy did i learn a new trick on my camera.  i put it in manual mode and set the aperture about half-way open (i think a little wider would have been better but i was in a hurry) and slowed down the shutter speed to about 5 seconds and got kate and mark to draw stuff with their sparklers and stand REALLY still...  i propped it on a post and took their picture.  the pictures turned out AWESOME!

after that, i let kendal and holly hold one and play - well, i helped holly but kendal liked to do it himself.  there was just enough light to illuminate his face.  you can sorta see holly in the middle of the circle one.  katelyn was taking those pictures (standing, so they are a little blurrier than the propped ones).  i love them all!  this is the best idea yet for night pictures!  i need to invest in a lot of those long sparklers!

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