Tuesday, July 27, 2010

no tv = i actually made some cards.

made 4 cards.

for club next month we're going to be using the brayer.  so, i was trying to find cards (one easy one, this is/was going to be the "easy" one - which it was very easy) to do using the brayer.   so about a couple weeks ago, i guess, i found this card and fell in love with it.  probably becuase it had yellow, green, and orange in it.  my three favorite colors.
so, mine didn't quite work out like hers.  i didn't have that awesome background paper like she did.  the first 2 i made ( i always make things in pairs) were the pink/green but the ink washed out the pattern of the paper i had.  so, i tried to find something with more pattern and that did much better.  the pictures don't do the card in the front justice.  it actually looks quite fabulous if i don't say so myself!  it'd be a great birthday card for a kid or a man. unfortunately, i think the paper i ordered for the club version of this card won't be enough pattern for it too work for the "club card" - so i may need to find something else.  we'll see. 

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  1. Hey Analee! I think they look great! The paper I used was a fluke - I didn't expect it to look as good as it did! :-) Thanks for leaving me such a lovely comment!



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