Tuesday, July 27, 2010

family reunion photos

these are more for melissa than anyone else, but there are some cute ones of my kids in here too than just those of "the crowd". 

these are from last sunday's annual turner family reunion.  turner is my grandma's family (dad's mom) and though i believe most of her generation is gone, we do still meet, greet, and eat.  not as many people come as used to but there is still a huge crowd!

kendal and mamaw going back for dessert - i believe this was the first of probably 4 times to the this table (i know, i know - i'm not big on giving them sweets - but, you gotta pick your battles and that day that the "no more dessert" was not one i wanted to pick - neither with kendal nor with mamaw!) 

kendal, though he thinks he doesn't like chocolate, ate chocolate this time (as you can tell from his face).

holly's big bow (and hair poof).

and then the rest of us (and the one of me thanks to kate taking the camera)...
and PS melissa - this fall, i'm gonna go to aunt hatties house and take some landscape photos!!!  that'll be awesome.  want to wait until #1 it is cooler, and #2 the leaves are starting to change.  can't you see those big oak trees with some color in them?  too bad that old cow isn't still there.

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