Sunday, July 18, 2010

if rain on your wedding means good luck, then this couple is the LUCKIEST ever!

this is the shot from my car when i drove up to the church.  car full of electronics + torrential rainstorm + lightening = wondering how i was gonna get into the church!  luckily there was a carport in the back by the kitchen and i backed in there and unloaded my gear and then parked my car - and just i got wet.  (also luckily i did not wear my "wedding" clothes, so i got to change into my nice, dry clothes later before the ceremony.)

so the rain kept coming down and down.  a pond formed in the front yard - it was half-way up a tire on someone's car parked out there.  we were wondering how many folks would brave the weather to come out for it but it did clear up somewhat before 4pm (when the bride walked down the isle).

so before then, i took lots of cute shots of the bride, and right before she walked in, i got some AWESOME shots of her and the bridesmaids.

the wedding went off without a hitch (save autumn trying to marry smitty instead of her mama, reminded me of the way i held faith when nathaniel and i got married) - and as i was looking through all these pictures, i smiled a lot remembering yesterday!  i hope the miranda and smitty have as many smiles and warm feelings -  (and happy years ahead of them).

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