Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning Playtime

We played outside this morning - We'd be crazy not to with the weather like it is! Low 70s, Low humidity... just perfect!  It reminds me of Cuba, NM in late May, early June.  PERFECT!

We started with breakfast outside.  Bananas, blueberries, Banana muffin - YUM!

Holly likes to bring inside toys outside, so she first picked the stacking blocks.  Kendal played with them while she brought more.

Holly also likes to bring as much as she can in one trip.  She is a true woman.  As you can see here, she has loaded her arms to the max.

When she started putting things down, she started dropping things and caught them with her knees.

One of the best toys I ever got at Toys R Us was this wonder pets fly boat set.  They play with it a lot.  The batteries don't seem to ever run out either, I think we're still on our second set.

After a while, she had to go back for the rest of the fly boat (the sail).  Of coarse, she had to get more than just the sail.  Like, pictures, magnets, and whatever else she could fit in her arms.

After Kendal got tired of hanging out outside, he went inside and took out all his cars and lined them up.  This is a normal thing for him - he does this straightening thing to something nearly every day.  Some days it is his crayons, some days it is to a set of baseball cards.  Today, it was the cars.   I just entered the last picture on this blog entry in a contest for a weekly photography challenge in which the subject was called "order".  I titled the photo "order, to my two year old."  (incidentally, i entered one in last week's contest called bovine.  take a peek and see if you can find mine! there were only 125 entries...  i'll give you a hint.  mine is on the 2nd page.)

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