Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lasagna rolls


made this recipe today at lunch and it was SO tasty and super easy.  like, easy enough that i made it while the kids ate lunch.  and, i was multi-tasking too.  didn't cost much to make either.  (and, that picture above is of the rolls I made!)

only changes i would make would be to:

1.  double the sauce - what i made didn't cover the 13x9 pan bottom.  plus, it was really good so making double would only make more for me to eat.

2.  the other thing i did different was rather than pouring 1 cup of marinara over the top, i popped the top on a jar of spaghetti sauce and poured the whole thing over it before i put the cheese on the top.  doesn't leave any for dipping but this way you have enough on them and you don't need any for dipping.

also, the recipe doesn't tell you how to arrange them in the pan - 3 rows of 4, 3 the short way and 4 the long way (the open ends of the rolls are all going along the long way).  you'll see when you get going on it, and they are easy to move around once you get them in the pan.  it took me a couple of tries to get them arranged, but here is a picture so you'll know (and, i did see just now that there is a picture on the website...)

(note the missing roll, that is the one i ate for lunch)

i don't think i'll ever make regular lasagna again.  this would be great to take to a party or a pot luck or for someone who just had surgery or a baby and could put it in the freezer.

and did i mention YUM???????

(also, i used WHOLE fat ricotta and WHOLE fat cheese.  can't say how delish it'd be with low fat stuff but i can't imagine it'd be any less yum!)

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