Monday, July 12, 2010

he's a mad mad mad mad boy!

these two pictures of kendal are just too funny not to post.  i remember back when emily used to ask me if he ever cried.  which, he really doesn't cry (often).  he does get mad and scream at me a lot (which i'm guessing is frustration) - and yesterday he was a real charmer.  apparently, he had a rough nap (woke up screaming a lot).  then, after nap, he was his beaming red-headed self (which i have to deal with a lot in the mornings, he wakes up grumpy at least half the time).  anyway, i caught him in action yesterday.  i'm not sure why he was mad except i had my camera and he didn't like it.  kendal and holly are SOOOO tired of me having it in my hands!  i think they think it is my 3rd child...  :)

so to be fair to him, here is a shot just moments later when he is happy.  he is happy because a firetruck and ambulance went by.  hope everyone was ok - but, my kids love to see and hear them, so we like it when they go by sirens blasting!

here are some others i took yesterday with my new 35mm lens.  random shots, but i just liked these.  holly is always flirting with maaaaaaart, some are of the veggies (i entered that picture, after i cropped it, into this weeks photo contest: subject "spheres"), and then holly and kendal's favorite thing to do on sunday afternoons:  ride the 4wheeler.

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