Tuesday, July 27, 2010

random crap

my finger hurts where i sliced it.

i miss my design star or color splash or whatever HGTV program i usually watch during nap.

holly just woke up for a brief moment saying YOW!  YOW!  YOW!

i'm about to go have a glass of watermelon lemonade.  think i may grind a little mint and sugar to give it a punchy flavor.  wish i had some gingerale and rum.  oh, and about 15 more days of relpax to blast the migraine that'd cause!

i need to make some cards.  i have ideas, great ideas.  but, just not the desire to create them.  my desk is too cluttered i think.  but, i don't want to clean it off.  wish i had the TV to watch so i could take a nap.  can't sleep without the TV.  OH, i'll miss degrassi tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Getting used to not "having TV" will be easier than you think... If you need noise, turn on the radio, it isn't nearly so attention demanding!



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