Thursday, December 22, 2011

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly

last night, 3 years ago, i was pregnant. i was SO nervous about being induced. i was worried about loving another child as much as i love(d) kendal.

today is the day we celebrate the birth of holly. we knew her for 9 months before, but it was today, 3 years ago, that we got to see and hold her - and it took a lot of drugs and effort from the hospital staff (breaking water, constant monitoring, changing bed pads, etc.) to get her out! but not a lot of work from me. not even one hard push and the baby girl came right out. (i can thank kendal for learning how to push the right way, pushing out his big head was not so easy!) the doctor barely made it in the door and got washed up and gloved!

this morning, kendal couldn't stop kissing her. as a matter of a fact, we had trouble getting him dressed because he wanted to kiss on her. just like when she was a baby. he kissed her all the time. usually her feet, because that is where he would sit (she'd be in the bouncy seat, he'd be snuggled up underneath the feet part - holding and caressing her feet). things haven't changed too much in 3 years, except now he is allowed to (by us and her) kiss her face. and arms, and hands and legs and back and wherever (except butt, that's gross mommy!)

and just like the grinch, my (our) heart grew three sizes that day three years ago, when my holly was birthed (and i say my holly because she is a mini-me). maybe three thousand sizes. i wasn't even sure it would stay in my body it was so big.

happy happy happy birthday holly.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


i hate ruining surprises, but i can get a $10 credit if i show you what i made.

Stationery card
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