Saturday, August 23, 2008

new morning food for K

i know, i know. he's not a year old yet. what IS so magical about turning a year old? is there a clock in his tummy that says "ah, NOW i can digest cows milk!) or one in his neck that says "ah, NOW i am strong enough!" i feel like i've done my part fitting into the government's bill for a decent parent because i allowed the dr give him all the vaccinations. (if he is autistic or has ADHD, i swear it will be because of one of those vaccines!!!) also, i have not given him honey or peanut butter. i still don't understand why i can't... i'm sure we had it when we were little bitty! so, in other areas, i've kinda done what I FEEL is right (not exactly with the government says i should do, when i should do it). like, when we went to kentucky, i turned him around in the car. yup, kendal no longer has to see where he's been.. he gets to watch where he's going (although he is usually staring at his best friend in the mirror (himself) or me). know what is nice about the front facing seat? well, it is reclined more than when it was rear facing. so when he sleeps in the car (which he did a lot of on the way to and from KYjelly), his little head doesn't fall forward and down. now he can actually keep it up and to the side. so about a month ago, i started giving him a little bit of foods that have milk in them. like, mac and cheese (the instant kind where you use cow milk). and, ice cream and pudding. just a little, like a bite or two. this past weekend, N and i went to dairy queen for some ice cream (HOLLY (that will be her name) wanted it) and while at the stoplight, i turned around and gave kendal a bite of mine. MISTAKE. he screamed until i hid my ice cream and he forgot about it, which was about 5 minutes (out of sight out of mind). this also meant that i didn't get to have my ice cream, as it was mostly melted by the time we got home. boy he recognized that red spoon... so today, i made him a bowl of oatmeal (yuck!) and i made for myself a bowl of fruity pebbles (with milk). i haven't really thought of sharing it with him as he generally does not like to eat hard (i.e. crunchy) things. but today, i gave him one and he ate it. then i gave him two. he still ate it. then i gave him half a spoon full (they were getting a little soggy by this point). he LOVED them! and, most of the milk stayed in the spoon, but i know he got a little of it. so, here is yet another way he is like me... the baby loves fruity pebbles! (his dad hates them. yea, i'm with you. how can anyone hate fruity pebbles???)

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  1. I don't really like FPs but I do like Cap'n Crunch w/ Crunch Berries (which has got to be just as "bad" for me!)



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