Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bo got his hair did!

for some reason this blog title reminds me of the milkshake song. (chris, that is for you to click on... so it can stick in your head!)

anyway, bo got a hair cut (got all those knots out from under his armpits and butt area). they call it the "lion" cut. he is hardly a lion, but this cut really makes him look like one!


  1. Hmm, when I read the words "milkshake", I immediately thought of this video instead... ;) By the same artist, but for a different context, I suppose... ;)

    Poor ole' Bo-Bo... Most of his orange is gone! But, he looks just as happy all shaved like that, and the orange will come back... I guess it's good that the knots are gone, it was probably easier than combing them out, because if it was like my parents' little black kitty (Dot(-dot...)), you probably could make a new cat from the combings...

  2. WHY did you have to get that song stuck in my head yesterday?! ;) After I went home, and was relaxing watching TV before bed, I happened to stumble across this on TBS... And as a result, couldn't go to sleep for another 2 hours (midnight!), between the laughing, and the uncontrollable vomiting... ;) Therefore, I have to share the pain...



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