Tuesday, August 19, 2008

another first

today is kendal's first day of daycare. when we got there, one of the ladies in the room held her hands out for him and he went RIGHT to her! none of that lean-into-mom stuff. she took him over to the play area, sat him on the floor, and he immediately grabbed a stacker thing (his favorite toy at home) and started playing. he watched the other kids walk and crawl around, and didn't even look for me. i made his bottles, filled out his emergency contact sheet, packed his cubbie with diapers and stuff, and left! it was hard to drive away, but i know he'll enjoy his day. i could tell from the very minute he left my arms that he was leaving into good hands.


  1. oh what a sweet boy... me, you, kendal. Friday. your house. 11:00am at the latest...

  2. I've heard that, usually, it is harder for the parents to leave their children than vice versa.

    I think Kendal will be a fairly independent child. Not that he won't love his mom and dad (and little sister), though!



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