Friday, August 29, 2008

my new hobby

my new hobby is canning things. like, tomatoes. i've even made applesauce and canned it. and, i've made jalapeno jelly. i've already eaten a jar of the tomatoes, used them to make lasagna. YUM. and, kendal has polished off a half-pint of applesauce (apples have hit the farmers market, i'll be buying more and canning them too). mom, dad, nathaniel, and i ate almost a whole half-pint of pepper jelly the other night with cream cheese and crackers. YUM. even kendal liked it. (of coarse, i didn't give him any of the pepper pulp, just the jelly part.) next week, i'm gonna try making grape (greap) jelly. guess what everyone is getting for christmas!!! :)


  1. Would love some of that pepper jelly!


  2. We can never have enough grape jelly in our house.

    If it is as good as the taters and onions....yum!



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