Sunday, August 17, 2008

moving count...

mom asked me today how many times i had moved. she counted 9, but previously i counted 13. let me list them to declare it for all... (melissa and kate, this is your prompt to post your movings too!) places i've lived: 1.fowler's crossroads... born here. 2. zebulon road moved here in 1983 (?) 3. sanford (with uncle leonard for vet tech program at CCCC) august 1993 4. carolina pines (with missy, still at CCCC) dec 1993 5. zebulon road (before ecu) (april 1994) 6. carriage house (freshman ECU, with andrea) jan 1996 7. jasmine gardens(junior ECU, with michelle) jan 1997 8. evans st (grad school ECU, with leigh) july 2000 9. carriage house (grad school ECU, with leigh - we only stayed here for 1 week as the apartment was in poor repair and they let us out of the lease. we both parted ways... i moved home as at the time i was working with DOT and traveling all the time) (sept 2000) 10. zebulon road (traveling with DOT) (sept 2000) 11. rosemont (traveling with DOT but i had a greenville boyfriend and needed to stay "in town") (2002) 12. zebulon road (worked with DOT in raleigh for about 6 or 7 months) (2003) 13. belle meade (worked in washington, with rhonda)(2004) 14. main st (washington) (2004) 15. 2nd st (washington) (2005) 16. 4th street (greenville, with kate although i moved out before she moved in) (aug 2006) 17. lumberjack (louisburg) (sept 2006) SO... this means i've moved MORE than 13 times... i've moved 16 times in my life! of coarse, the first one doesn't really count since i was just a wee child then, so maybe it is fair to say that with my dad's help (and with my granddaddy's truck), i've moved 15 times.


  1. This isn't a hint at any breaking news of an upcoming move for y'all, is it?! Like to Cali/New Mexico? ;)

    Maybe I should get my sister to fill this out, I bet she's got you whupped! ;) Moving Tip # 36: Make sure you have a single brother with nothing else to do... ;)

    OK, since I'm picking on others, I'll at least go ahead and post my number... And, just of the ones I could remember/control, b/c there's at least 3 before I turned 2/my sister was born... 11...

  2. I'd have to factor in, I guess, all the times both sets of parents moved while I was growing up and then all of my own moving as an adult. I think I've got everyone beat (and this doesn't even include pre-five since I can't remember but I know my mom and Father moved several times).

  3. Hmmm... let me list

    1- Fowler's Xroads until 4
    2- Zeb Rd until college
    3- to dorm (1yr)
    4- home (summer)
    5- to dorm, again (1yr)
    6- home (summer)
    7- to scary appt over by the Vicki Lynn Center (1yr)
    8- to the condo (with Michele, we only stayed two months b/c it was sold and the new owners bought it for their kid)
    9- to scary Marcom St apt (10 months) (w/Michele again)
    10- to Ivy Commons (5th yr at NCSU)
    11- to FLW single apts (2 months)
    12- to Vicki Lynn townhouse in St Robert (1 yr)
    13- to Sibert Ln on FLW (8 months)
    14- to Dixon rental house (1 yr)
    15- to our house on Ridgeview Dr (1 yr)
    16- to Gilkey St, Fort Knox (6 months)
    17- to house in Zeb... why can't I remember the street?!? (1 yr)
    18- to Matthews Pl, Knox (10 months)
    19- current... (6 months, so far... probably another yr to go here)

    I beat you by a measly two... though you have probably stopped for a while. I, however, will continue this about every 2-3 years for the next 15 years! Then maybe we can stop! Grace is already at 10... have to put her #1 as Killeen TX then she catches up at my #11! Poor thing!!

  4. Guess it would be 14 for me...

    1. Lexington, KY to San Diego, Ca (in utero, so it doesn't count)
    2. Tierasanta, CA
    3. Palos Verdes, CA
    4. Tarkington Hall - Purdue
    5. Hillenbrand Hall - Purdue
    6. Fort Wayne, IN
    7. West Lafayette, IN
    8. College Station, TX
    9. Bryan, TX
    10. Cary, NC
    11. Durham, NC
    12. Durham, NC
    13. Durham, NC
    14. Cary, NC
    15. Louisburg, NC
    16. Somewhere in the Southwest... (TBD)



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