Thursday, August 21, 2008

what we do at night...

is it bad that for most of the morning, i've ONLY been looking at kendal's photos and videos? well, here are two from this past week that i meant to post but forgot... about 8 to 8:30, we start our night-time routine. kendal has a bottle, we all put PJs on, and we watch a little TV. kendal gets his blanket and a pacifier, we dim the lights, and we all start to wind down. generally, we watch either the wonderpets or spongebob, both that have theme songs that kendal recognizes (as he does the boomerang song and the WRAL news sound). the first video here is during wonderpets, you can see his feet are crossed, he is rubbing his blanket, and sucking away on that paci. the second video is when the wonderpets song comes on... when they say "go wonderpets YAY!" he ALWAYS raises his hands! (which oddly enough is also something he does every time he takes a bite of food he likes, but that is another story altogether.)

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