Tuesday, August 19, 2008


today, less than a week than our ultrasound, we have started a working set of baby girl names. it is hard picking out girl names! so... here goes (in no particular order): first names: Aurora Amelia Chloe Heidi Holly Lila Madeline middle names: Blair Noelle one combination sticks out in my mind.... chloe noelle. LOVE that. also love the name holly, but not sure about the middle name choices... although pretty, holly noelle may be a little too festive for a christmas baby IMO. so, what's your vote???


  1. I like Lila A LOT. It made our short list for girl names this time.

  2. I like the name Lila well enough, I just have to keep the image of a girl named Lila whom I could't stand (from high school) out of my mind.

    I think, whatever the first name, you should use Noelle as the middle. It really flows nicely with all of the first name choices.

    Lila Blair makes me think too much about Linda Blair (from The Exorcist), sorry, Dene!

    But, of course, you're gonna change your mind (and these lists of names) about a million times before December AND, whatever is ultimately chosen, will be perfect.

    Even if it is Lila Blair :-)



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